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RIG-EXPERT loop and Antenna Analyzer and TNC
RigExpert DOUBLE MAGNETIC LOOP shape figure 8 - MAGLOOP8
RIG-EXPERT loop and Antenna Analyzer and TNC
RigExpert DOUBLE MAGNETIC LOOP shape figure 8 - MAGLOOP8
£504.00 (£420.00 exc. VAT)
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Product code:MAGLOOP-8
Brand:RIG-EXPERT loop and Antenna Analyzer and TNC

The 8 Shape Magnetic Loop with control box is the best performing and most convenient small space antenna available to amateurs today. Antenna covers range: 13 MHz to 30MHz. The antenna consist from two loops 1 meter in diameter. The loop antenna element is constructed from 22mm high conductive copper pipe. Every joint is brazed to eliminate high resistance in contacts that reduce efficiency system.
Antenna tuning is carried out through a wired unit with power supplyer
The loop element Is tuned with a low-resistance, high current, special design variable butterfly capacitor. The capacitor is controlled by using variable speed motor remote control box The outdoor electrical and mechanical components are protected by an attractive weather resistant moulded cover.
Comparison antenna tests showed that this Antenna’s characteristics 3-4 time better to a conventional loop and similar or better vertical multiband antenna. Comparing test was made with vertical antenna BUTTERNUT HF6-V.
Antenna was tested on power 500 watt with power amplifier and been shows exelent result. The reason for using a double loop is that two magnetic fields enhance each other and because the two loops are in parallel the impedance at the tuning point will be lower and the bandwidth greater compared to a single loop.

Special design allow use antenna for portable and very limited space with minimum assembling time and
not need PLANNING PERMISSION due to height lower then 3 m.

Antenna may be completely dismount in 5 minute and occupy space 1.0x0.5x0.15 m weight 8 Kg.