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bhi Noise Reduction products
BHi Noise Cancelling Speaker NES10-2MK3 DSP
bhi Noise Reduction products
BHi Noise Cancelling Speaker NES10-2MK3 DSP

No BHi 10-2MK3's left and unavailable until further notice, why not get the DSPKR instead? Please click here! Save £20.00 with code DSPKR20

£99.95 (£83.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:NES10-2MK3
Brand:bhi Noise Reduction products

The Bhi NES10-2 MK3 Noise Eliminating Speaker replaces the MKII version and removes unwanted background noise, hiss, hash, QRM, QRN, computer hash, plasma TV interference, white noise etc from speech, so that you can hear more clearly and listen stress free. Works across all radio bands and is also suitable for shortwave listening and for use in radio base stations.

The MK3 has a rotary filter control knob on the rear of the speaker that replaces the DIP switches that were on the MKII. This makes it much easier to change the filter level whilst using the speaker.

The NES10-2 MK3 greatly improves the clarity and intelligibility of speech in a variety of radio communications applications and is suitable for use with most two-way radios as well as many other similar applications where background noise and interference give rise to poor quality reception.

The power on/off audio bypass switch removes power from the speaker and bypasses the audio allowing the speaker to be used as a normal extension speaker without DSP.

•Fully Adaptive noise cancelling

•Power on/off switch with audio bypass
•Noise cancellation 9 - 35 dB
•8 user selectable noise cancelling levels
rotary filter control knob
•Compact robust speaker unit
•Greatly improved signal to noise ratio
•3.5mm mono headphone socket (will drive another speaker)
•Easy to install with adjustable mounting bracket
•Noise Cancellation on / off switch
•12 – 24Vdc operation
•Input sensitivity control
•2m audio lead