Eddystone orion 7000 dsp hf transceiver
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Eddystone HF radio

Eddystone orion 7000 dsp hf transceiver

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Eddystone orion 7000 dsp hf transceiver

Eddystone orion 7000 dsp hf transceiver

The Eddystone ORION 7000 HF Transceiver operates on up to 89 simplex or semi-duplex channels in the frequency range 1.6- 30MHz with 100 watts RF output power. Dual microcontrollers offer a wide range of local control options in addition to full extended or remote control, and BITE (Built In Test Equipment) for rapid fault identification. Baseband signal processing is performed digitally, using programmable circuitry, which gives improved squelch, noise blanking, speech compression and agc/alc facilities, particularly important in maintaining communications under arduous signal conditions. Optional facilities can also be incorporated as required to modulate and demodulate a wide variety of data signals, providing easy connection to a computer or teleprinter. This also allows sophisticated adaptive communication systems to be established (ARQ/ALE for example) by suitable programming.
The ORION 7000 can be supplied for mobile use with a detachable front panel control/display module for ease of installation, and can be rack or bench mounted for use in base stations. Operation is from 13.GV DC, or from all normal single phase mains voltages using a separate power supply unit, Complementary HF linear amplifiers, antennas and tuner units, phone patch equipment etc are also available to provide complete station installations.
General Performance
Frequency Range
1.6 to 30MHz Transmit.
10kHz to 30MHz Receive.
10HZ Frequency Resolution.
Modes of Operation
USB, LSB, CW, FSK. AME (AM reception by conversion to USB or LSB).
Frequency Stability
1ppm standard or 0.lppm as option (/X).
User Programmable Channels
99 maximum simplex or semi-duplex.
Options to allow the operator to program channels directly or with password protection. Alternatively, transceiver can be supplied programmable only from IBM compatible PC with special software.
Front Panel Control
Removable front panel with 20 key elastomeric keypad and beep’ tone. Receiver volume adjustment by separate rotary control. Four line by twenty character backlit LCD display.
Extended Control
Up to l00m using removable front panel control unit and additional extension kit.
Remote Control
Using additional front panel control unit or IBM compatible PC, with RS232c level serial asyncronous data at rates up to 2400 Baud.
BITE (Built In Test Equipment)
In BITE mode, tests can be made using internal test equipment to aid fault finding, general test and maintenance procedures. In all modes, the BITE mongors various key parameters and provides immediate indication of a potential fault which can be investigated in BITE mode, allowing fault finding to module level.
Power Supplies
13.6V DC (24V optional) with negative ground and reverse polarity protection. Separate power supply unit for AC mains operation.
All or part of the channel settings and functional settings of one transceiver can be transferred to another transceiver.
Operating Temperature: -10C to +55C
Storage Temperature’. -20C to +70C
Relative humidity: 95% at +40C
Bump and Vibration: Meets MPT1204 and CEPT requirements.
Height 105m
Width 305mm
Depth : 300mm
Weight: 6kg
Transmitter Performance
Output Power
100W pep on SSB and AME, 100W average on CW/FSK.
Low power setting reduces output below 25W.
Intermodulation distortion
Better than -25dB
Hum and Noise
Better than -50dB.
Carrier Suppression
Better than 50dB.
Unwanted Sideband Suppression
Better than 60dB.
Spurious Suppression (non-harmonic)
Better than 60dB.
Harmonic Suppression
Better than 43dB, typically 60dB.
Audio Bandwidth
300Hz to 2700Hz at -3dB (USB/LSB).
10dB audio increase causes less than 0.5dB increase in power output.
Transmitter fully protected against high VSWR including open and short circuit output. Thermostatically controlled fan operates at predetermined temperature for operation at high ambient temperatures with high transmit duty cycle.
Speech Compression
Using dsp techniques (switchable).
Test Oscillator
Two tone generator built-in.
Receiver Performance
Two settings, normal and high. 16dB sinad for luV emf signal in normal (USE/LSB mode, 2.4kHZ bandwidth), corresponding to a 12dB noise figure. Sensitivity is increased by approximately 5dB in high setting. Sensitivity gradually reduces below 1.6MHz.
Third Order intercept point
+ 14dBm in normal sensitivity.
In-Band Intennodulation Products Better than -40dB.
IF and Image Rejection
Better than 70dB.
Reception Bandwidth
-6dB 300Hz to 2700Hz
-60dB -400Hz and 3400Hz
Additional bandwidths 300Hz, 600HZ or 1kHz in dsp selected according to reception mode.
Less than 3dB change in audio output for l00dB increase above agc threshold.
Variable or fixed threshold, audio derived using dsp. Attack, decay and pedestal time constants selected according to mode of reception.
Audio Output.
3W at less than 5% distortion into 4 Ohms. 1mW maximum preset into 600 Ohm. Separate low level phones/handset output.
+/-300Hz to 2.7kHz in 100Hz steps (CW/FSK modes).
Cross Modulation
With a wanted signal of -60dBuV emf producing standard output, an unwanted signal of level +l00dBuV emf at 20kHz off-tune, modulated 30% at 1kHz, will produce an output at least 30db below standard output.
Input Protection
Overload protection provided for continuous application of 30V emf from 50 ohm source.
Speech and/or tone recognition using dsp techniques (switchable).
Noise Blanker
Using dsp techniques (switchable).
Receive only scanning of any of the 99 channels with selectable dwell (l00mS to 9.9sec) and hang (0 to 9sec) times.
Ancillary Equipment
Base station antennas and masts
Mobile antennas
Antenna Tuners
Mounting kits
Extended control kits
AC power supply units
Power amplifiers
Phone patch Interface units
ARQ/FEC for data operation
ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)
Scrambler Facility

Brand new, old stock very hard to find and becoming collectable!

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