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Firestik Antenna Company

Firestik Antenna Company

Firestik Antenna Company

Firestik Antenna Company is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Since its formation in 1962, the company has remained focused on the personal communications market. Firestik has a lot of experience there too. At various times during its existence, Firestik has manufactured CB radios, test meters, amplifiers, variable frequency oscillators, RF filters, and more. In 1975 all energy was directed into designing a line of high-performance antennas. For the last thirty-five years, Firestik kept focused on its mission. You will benefit from the dedication, care, and spirit that Firestik puts into its products. CB antennas and related accessories are our product specialists. Honesty, fairness, and understanding are our service specialists. What can we do for you?

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