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Flex-Radio software defined
Flexradio FLEX-5000A
Flex-Radio software defined
Flexradio FLEX-5000A
£2,395.94 (£1,996.62 exc. VAT)
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Product code:FLEX-5000A
Brand:Flex-Radio software defined

Flex-5000A represents the most advanced and flexible HF transceiver ever offered to ham radio operators. Because of its software design, it has the capacity to be moulded and updated to almost anything you could dream of. TheFlex-5000A offers a level of reception and transmission that provides more performance, more features and more update promises than any other transceiver manufacturer

* Frequency range 160m - 6m
* Modes SSB, CW, FM, AM
* Switchable Class A & AB
* TCXO 0.5ppm oscillator
* 11th order front end Rx band pass filters for each ham band
* Built-in soundcard
* Single Fire wire connection (requires Fire wire on computer)
* Plug and Play installation
* Balanced microphone input
* 3x switchable SO-239 antenna sockets
* 28MHz transverter socket
* Optional Transverter
* Full duplex with optional second Rx board
* Optional Auto ATU
* 3 separate PTT control line outputs
* Self calibration using built-in sweep generator, power sampler & spectrum analyser
* Audio line in and out
* Plus FREE Power SDR Software
* Requires PC or Laptop with at least 2GHz processor (Windows XP required) plus Fire wire port