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DAB Antennas

DAB Omni Directional Antenna

The DAB Omni Directional Antenna This aerial has been specifically designed for the reception of thedigital radio broadcasts. It will improve reception in areas of poor signal strength. Frequency Range 220 - 240 MHz Foward Gain 2.2 dBd Beamwidth ... Read more

DAB Folded Dipole 175-230MHz 75 Ohms.

The DAB Folded Dipole 175-230MHz 75 Ohms, Base station directional yagi antenna for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Complete with mast clamp.* Frequency 175 - 230MHz * Yagi beam * 3 elements * Gain 5dBd * Impedance 75 Ohms* Boom length 51cm * El... Read more

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