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Radioworks Antennas,
G5RV-PLUS RadioWorks 80-10m + WARC antenna,
Radioworks Antennas,
G5RV-PLUS RadioWorks 80-10m + WARC antenna,
£89.95 (£74.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:G5RV-PLUS
Brand:Radioworks Antennas,

The G5RV-PLUS antenna * 80-10m + 30,17,12m The original G5RV is an efficient, all band antenna. It is shorter than a full size 80m antenna. This makes it appealing to those who have limited space, and is particularly popular in the UK. The Radio Works G5RV-Plus embraces two outstanding improvements over other versions of this antenna. First, is the Y1-5K precision current-type balun for the transition between the balanced stub and unbalanced coaxial cable feedline. Secondly, is the choice and length of the matching stub and RG-8X feedline combination.The Y1-5K current balun keeps RF off the coax and reduces any chance of RF feedback problems. Unless you are using a rig with a final output that can tolerate a moderately high SWR, a transmatch is necessary, although the G5RV does not require a balanced output transmatch. This means that you can use the G5RV-Plus with nearly any transmatch, including automatic tuning units found on some rigs.

Combining these technical improvements with the G5RV's own attributes produces a very good antenna system.

* 31m (102ft) top section
* 9.4m (31ft) ladder line
* Hard-drawn 7x22 copper wire
* Heavy duty Delta CIN insulators
* Extra strong ladder line
* Y1-5K Precision balun
* Connector SO-239
* Impedance 50 Ohms
* Power rating of >2.5kW
* Requires transmatch