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Alinco Electronics
Alinco DJ-X30 Scanning Receiver 100KHz - 1.3GHz
Alinco DJ-X30 Scanning Receiver 100KHz - 1.3GHz
Alinco Electronics
Alinco DJ-X30 Scanning Receiver 100KHz - 1.3GHz
RRP: £189.95
£139.96 (£116.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:DJ-X30
Brand:Alinco Electronics

Buy Alinco DJX30 that will receive from 100KHz to 1.3Ghz covering just about all you need from aircraft or business communications, to broadcast or monitoring the ham bands. Small in size but big in features, this pocket size receiver offers a selectable keyboard system so everyone from beginner to experienced operators can enjoy its many advanced features. A menu of selectable parameter settings enable you to customize the radio to suit your own individual monitoring preferences.You can even use it with remote operation. It's easy to use and simple to program the frequencies you want and those you wish to skip during the scans.
You can also activate/deactivate the memory skip function on a temporary basis so you don't have to reprogram the skip setting in the memory mode every time you want to scan more frequencies.
Using the EDS-12 cable, you can remotely control many basic functions on the DJ-X30 such as mode, band, and scan start/stop. You can also connect a portable media player to the AUX-input so you can listen to music, but when the DJ-X30 receives a scanner signal, it will automatically give priority to the received signal. When the received signal is gone, it will automatically return to the AUX port input.
Pre-set bands make operation easy: AM/FM and TV audio bands have been pre-set to make it easy to enjoy the DJ-X30 right from the start.

Features :
Compact design (only 165g Ant.included) fits easily into pocket or purse Receives 100 KHz to 1.3 GHz Triple conversion AM/NFM double conversion WFM AM/FM/WFM modes selectable regardless of the frequency range 1,000 memory channels in 10 banks,banks can be expanded up to 50 using a free downloadable,easy-to-program editor software.

Optional EDS-12 cable can be used for remote-control and AUX capability.
Five scan modes Preset,programmed, memory, VFO and tone scan operating modes.
Memory-skip setting in the memory mode and search-pass setting Priority receive (stores up to 10 priority channels in memory)
Internal AA battery lets you operate almost a full day !
Three different antenna modes - earphone antenna, internal bar-antenna, and external SMA antenna; an optional external base-antenna can also be connected to the SMA port.

Auto or 16 different channel-steps to chose from

2-Way Key-lock
Key-touch beep (on/off selectable)
39-tone Tone squelch
Attenuator (approx 20dB)

Monitor/Mute functions and many more “extras” are standard in the DJ-X30
Pager (bell) function alerts you with a beep and an icon when a signal is received

Optional adapter can operate the receiver while simultaneously charging the Ni-MH AA cells.
Large, illuminated LCD screen capable of up to 6-digit alphanumeric display
Analog inversion-scramble decoder
High performance design captures shortwave signals and more. Much more!

Standard accessories :

Instruction manual
Whip antenna (EA-154)
3 Screws (1 for belt-clip, 2 extra screws for face panel)

Optional Accessories :
EBP-57 : 2 x Ni-MH rechargeable batteries(1.2V 1800mA 2 x pcs )
EDC-154UK : Trickle stand charger (230V)
EDH-33 : Cigar-plug DC conversion cable (12Vdc/24Vdc to 6Vdc)
EME-6 : Straight-cord Earphones
ESC-44 : Softcase
ERW-4C : Serial-port PC interface cable
ERW-7 : USB port PC interface cable
EDS-12 : Remote-controller

Specifications :
Receiving range 0.100~1299.995 MHz
Modulation mode FM,WFM,AM
Ant.impedance 50 ohm (SMA)
Supply voltage DC 2.4V~3.0V (Internal battery)
DC 5.4V~6.0V (external regulated source) negative ground
Current consumption approx.140mA / Battery save (1:4) approx.26mA
Temperature range -10 to +60C ( +14~+140 F)

Frequency stability -7 to +3ppm
Dimensions 58(W) x99 (H) x32 (D) mm (Projections exclusive)
Weight Approx. 165g (Ant.inclusive) Receiver : System Triple-conversion (NFM,AM) Double-conversion super heterodyne (WFM) Selectivity AM/FM -6dB : 12kHz or more -60dB : 35kHz or less WFM -6dB : 130kHz or more -60dB : 300kHz or more Audio output power more than 100mW (8ohm THD) Sensitivities (typical value) FM (12dB SINAD) 30~470MHz : -15dBu (0.17uV) 470MHz or higher : -7dBu (0.45uV) WFM (12dB SINAD) 76~470MHz : -6dBu (0.5uV) 470MHz or higher : -3dBu (0.7uV) AM (10dB S/N) 0.1~50MHz : -1dBu (0.89uV) 50MHz or higher : -6dBu (0.5uV) * Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.