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Heil headsets and microphones

Welcome to the Heil headsets and microphones page. Here, you'll find links for high quality Heil headsets and microphones covering ham radio, contest. In addition, specific models mentioned in the audio forum Like proset Plus and elite or icom elite, also all types of headset adaptors, and goldline gm series and more are here for future reference. Amateur audio equipment sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in heil design.We carry large stocks genuine product.

Heil GM-ELITE Heil Gold Elite Dual Element Stud...

The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of c... Read more

Heil PR-20 Professional Dynamic Studio Microphone

The Heil GOLDLINE PRO PR-20 is a professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications which require a smooth flat response over a wide frequency range, excellent tr... Read more

Heil PR-28 Drum Tom and Snare Microphone

PR-28 Drum Tom and Snare Microphone This microphone has been designed for close micing of drums such as toms, anares, bongos etc. It is able to withstand high SPLs without changes in frequency response. The optional HH-1 drum rim mounting brac... Read more

Heil PRO-SET-ELITE-6 Headset using Heil HC-6 el...

The Heil PROSET-ELITE-6 Headset using Heil HC-6 element, Heil Sound were the first to bring professional sound to ham radio. Their famous headsets have been in use by hams around the world, contest groups and DXpeditions. These headsets have used ... Read more

Heil PRO-SET-IC Heil Large Dual Headphones, boo...

Heil PRO-SET-IC Large Dual Headphones, boom mic with IC insert + AD-1-IC CABLE TO 8 PIN ICOM, * Standard Low impedance Dual Earpiece headset * models fitted with phase reversal switch & spatial widening sound field effect * Padded Earpieces - ... Read more

Heil BM-10-IC Heil Lightweight Dual Headsetboom...

The Heil Lightweight Dual Headset boom Mic. Lightweight Dual Headset boom Microphone with electret element for Icom 8-pin-BM-10-IC. Read more

Heil PL-2T Heil Superior Balance Studio Mic. Boom

The Heil PL-2T Superior Balance Studio Mic. Boom,Superior balanced studio microphone boom with open top access. Makes adjustment very easy. The spring loaded arm is balanced to 453.5g (1lb). The clamp provided will clamp to almost any surface and ... Read more

Heil ICM Stick Microphone for Icom Rigs Only

The Heil iCM is a high-performance microphone specially designed for owners of earlier Icom transceivers that exhibit low gain in the microphone amplifier stage. Not a cheap electret microphone, the iCM utilizes a high-quality condenser element wi... Read more

Heil PRO-SET-6 Heil Large Dual Headphones, boom...

The Heil PRO-SET-6 is a combined boom microphone and headset featuring the HC-6 element. This element has a wide frequency range and is ideal for use with modern transceivers that have built-in adjustable EQ (equalisation). This permits the user t... Read more

Heil PR-22-SUT Microphone

The HEIL PR-22UT (Utility) is the award winning dynamic PR-22 microphone. To help reduce the cost we have pared down the packaging options. The PR-22UT comes with a stainless mesh grill, a foam windscreen, and a mic clip in a vinyl zipper bag. Spe... Read more

Heil Bluetooth Adaptor

Heil Bluetooth Adaptor After a long process to design a proper wireless system, we bring to you a pair of simple devices with one connecting into any of our 3 pin balanced XLR microphones (PR 20, PR 22, PR 781, etc) and the receiver connected to ... Read more

Heil BM-10 headset Dynamic

The Heil BM-10 headset was designed to be a lightweight (only 3 oz), articulate sounding boomset that is ideal for DXpeditions, mobile, and general rag chewing.The speakers used in the BM-10 are extremely sensitive and don’t require much AF driv... Read more

PRO-SET-4 Heil Large Dual Headphones, boom mic ...

The PRO-SET 4 Heil Large Dual Headphones, Probably the most widely used headset in the world. The padded earpieces provide just enough attenuation of external noise without being claustrophobic. The boom microphone offers hands-free operation. Two... Read more

Heil PSM-Pro Set Media State-of-the-art Compute...

PSM-Pro Set Media State-of-the-art Computer Boomset. AN AWARDING WINNING COMMUNICATIONS HEADSET DESIGNED FOR YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER. Headsets and microphones for computer use have traditionally been two buck wonders that are poor quality - at best... Read more

Heil PR-22UT

The HEIL PR-22 UT microphone is essentially the PR 22, but (like all Heil Utility microphones), saves you money by shipping with just the essentials. The same patent pending diaphragm shock mounting, along with tight cardioid pattern element of th... Read more

Heil HMIC Heil Handi Mic with IC electret element

Heil HMIC Heil Handi Mic with IC electret element,For years, Bob Heil has been working on a solution to an all-too-common problem in today’s mobile rigs: muffled, hollow-sounding audio. With the introduction of the Handi Mic, the solution is at ... Read more

Heil HM-PRO Heil Handi Mic with BC quality element

The HM-PRO Heil Handi Mic with BC quality element Compatible with most of the accessories for larger mics including theCH-1 curly lead for 4-pin XLR micsUnsure of which heil adapter lead? Click here Read more

Heil Handi Mic for professional use HM-PRO-PLUS

The HM-PRO-PLUS Heil Handi Mic for professional use Compatible with most of the accessories for larger mics including the 3-pin XLR products*Unsure of which heil adapter lead? Click Heil Adapters for Heil headset and mic adapters Read more

Heil BM-17 Boomset lightweight headset

The Heil BM-17 is a lightweight headset designed for emergency communications. It is available as either a single-side or dual-side model. In addition, to accommodate different radio setups, the BM-17 is available with either a BM-17-Dynamic eleme... Read more

Heil Shockmount for Heil Microphones PRSM

The PRSM Shock Mount is a flexible support system that helps suppress low-frequency rumble on the microphone line by absorbing and damping vibrations picked up from the studio desk or console.The PRSM is designed for use with the large-diameter pr... Read more

Heil PRO-SET-3 Heil Dual Sided Professional Hea...

The Heil Pro-Set-3 is a high quality stereo headphone set that is intended to be used for both music production and general listening. Its folded design will make it easy to fit into gig bags, and the significant reduction in blocking external sou... Read more

Heil LB-1R Lighted Base

The LB-1R is one of the newest additions to our amateur radio product line. The LB-1R is a unique RED microphone base with PTT that is illuminated with LED’s by two AA batteries located on the bottom of the base.The LED switch located on the rig... Read more

Heil USBQ Microphone Preamp

The Heil USBQ brings professional quality, low noise microphone pre amplification complete with two band shelving equalization, on-board headphone amplifier and D/A converter in a compact, portable package. Not just an adapter, but a true single ... Read more

HMM-IC Heil Fist Mic. for Icom with electret Mi...

HMM-IC Heil Fist Mic. for Icom with electret Mic insert Fist Mic. for Icom with electret Mic insert, range 200Hz to 8kHz. Read more