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SunSDR HF/VHF SDR Transceiver's

Welcome to the SunSDR HF/VHF SDR Transceiver's page. Here you'll find links for SunSDR HF/VHF SDR Transceiver's covering HF/VHF ham radio bands, In addition, specific models mentioned in the Ham Radio forum's along with other brands like Icom,Kenwood,Yaesu, Or Alinco and more we are here for future reference. If you're looking for a new SunSDR HF/VHF SDR Transceiver at The Best prices with Largest stocks available, From an Authorised Hf Radio dealer.

SunSDR MB1 SDR HF Transceiver.

The SunSDR MB1 SDR Transceiver is a new generation of amateur radio.The transceiver combines a classic design and accumulated many decades, with the most advanced DUC/DDC SDR-technologies - direct conversion and synthesis of radio signals and full... Read more

SunSDR2-PRO SDR Transceiver

One of the few SDRs with 2m VHF, Modern SDR transceiver for shortwave, 6m and 2m VHF with excellent receiver performance. Suitable for all modes incl. CW, SSB (USB, LSB), FM, AM and digital modes. With wide band receiverfrom 9kHz to 65 and 96 to 1... Read more

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