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HI-MOUND Keys, Bugs,Paddles

Telegraph Keys, Bugs, Paddles, related telegraphic equipment, Electronic Keyers, Electronic Keyers, Keyboards, and Keyer-Paddles, Electronic Kits, Electronic Kits (many are also available assembled)QRP transceivers and accessories, kits or built, Parts & Components Electronic Parts and Components, AMECO Keys, oscillators, Filters, Preamps, Code Training.

Hi-Mound HK808 Deluxe Straight Morse Code Key

Hi-Mound HK808 Deluxe Straight Morse Code Key, The HK-808 is a deluxe key and has a clear plastic cover, which is mounted on a block of natural marble.Base dimensions are about 6" x 4" and the weight is two and a half pounds. Connections can be ma... Read more

Hi-Mound HK-709 Hi-Mound Deluxe Key

The HK-709 Hi-Mound Deluxe Key,For those who want something a little better than the standard key, this one should fit the bill. It?s well engineered with a full range of adjustments and is a delight to use.* Size 80 x 150 x 53mm * Weight 500g. Read more

HK-708 Hi-Mound Standard Key

HK-708 Hi-Mound Standard Key The ideal key for either practice or ham radio communications. It is very competively priced yet well engineered. Both tension and travel may be adjusted to suit personal preferences. * Size 73 x 145 x 36mm * Weight 435g Read more

TC-701 Hi-Mound Morse Key/Oscillator

TC-701 Hi-Mound Morse Key/Oscillator Here's a budget class CW key with a built-in oscillator that us ideal for practice. Smart appearance and heavy chrome finish makes this key look attractive and it works extremely well. You get adjustable travel... Read more

HK-705 Hi-Mound Straight Key

HK-705 Hi-Mound Straight Key Here is a budget class CW key that is ideal for practice and also for actual use on the air. Smart appearance and heavy chrome finish makes this key look attractive in the finest of stations. Not only does it look goo... Read more