Icom ID-52 D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver
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Icom ID-52E D-STAR Digital Handheld Transceiver - D-STAR and FM, dual-mode functions - with digital clear audio.

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(£458.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code: Icom ID-52
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The ID-52E is a VHF/UHF dual-band radio with D-STAR and FM, dual-mode functions. The ID-52E supports conventional FM, Communications as well as D-STAR simplex, repeater, regional, and worldwide calls over the D-STAR Internet gateway. With the ID-52E, you can call a friend in another city, or even internationally through D-STAR repeaters, with digital clear audio. In addition, the ID-52E can send digital voice with data,

Text messages, GPS location information, and pictures, Worldwide Communication Through the D-STAR Network, Picture Sharing Functions, Large 2.3-inch Colour Display, Waterfall Scope Function, Built-in Bluetooth Technology, DV/DV Dual watch as well as Conventional V/V, U/U, V/U, UHF Military Airband Reception (225-374.995 MHz/AM Mode), MicroSD Card Slot, Micro USB Connector, IPX7 Waterproof, and Tough Construction, Significantly Increased Audio Output to 750 mW

Worldwide Communication Through the D-STAR Network, The ID-52E provides D-STAR simplex, repeater, regional, and worldwide, calls over the D-STAR Internet gateway as well conventional FM communications. Call a friend in another city, or even internationally through D-STAR repeaters, with digital clear audio. Picture Sharing Function, Share pictures with other users and see received pictures on the color display. Pictures taken on an Android device can be wirelessly transferred to the ID-52E via Bluetooth.

DR (D-STAR Repeater) Function, 

The expanded DR (D-STAR Repeater) function makes D-STAR and FM repeater communication easier to use. Combined with the GPS function, selection of an available local repeater is available with a couple of button pushes, based on your location. Additionally, DR mode supports reflector linking controls. Terminal Mode and Access Point Mode*, Connect the ID-52E to the Internet through a Windows PC or an Android device. The Internet gateway (using Terminal mode and Access Point mode) enables you to access the D-STAR repeater network, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is directly accessible via radio. ・ Terminal and Access Point modes are compatible with Icom RS-RP3 Gateway Software. If your D-STAR repeater is running G1 or G2 software, please contact your local Icom Distributor to upgrade the software. ・ You need an Internet connection with an IPv4 Global IP address. If you use a cellular system, you need an IPv4. The global IP address is assigned to your Android device. ・The RS-MS3W optional software is required to be installed in the PC (Download from Icom website). The RS-MS3A optional application software is required to be installed in the Android device (Download from Google Play). USB cable is required. Type-A: User-supplied. Type-C: OPC-2418. micro-B: OPC-2417. 2.3" Large Colour Display. The ID-52E features a 2.3-inch color display (320 × 280 pixels) which provides excellent viewability. The display background color is selectable from black and white. Bluetooth Enabled Features The optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset enables hands-free wireless operation. In addition to the PTT and volume up/down buttons, the VS-3 has three programmable buttons that can be assigned functions to improve operation. You can connect to an Android device through Bluetooth. With the Android device together with the RS-MS1A Remote Control Software installed, you can wirelessly control the ID-52E to change operating frequencies and other settings. Handheld Radio First! Waterfall Display The waterfall display shows not only the existence of signals but also the changes of signal level in chronological order. You will have an overview of the band conditions in more detail, including busy frequencies currently used, or open frequencies not used. The band scope mode is selectable from center mode, Fixed mode, and Fixed scroll mode. V/V, U/U, V/U Dual watch Including DV/DV Mode. The Dual watch function monitors the VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF, and VHF/UHF bands simultaneously*. You can quickly respond to a call from the Main and Sub bands. Two DV signals can be decoded at the same time. * AM/AM mode Dual watch is not possible. AM signals can be received on only the Main VFO (A band).

VHF/UHF Airband and FM Broadcast Receiver, Airband reception is expanded from VHF to UHF military Airband (225 to 374.995 MHz). FM broadcast, stations can be listened to while using the dual watch function. Integrated GPS/GLONASS Receiver, D-PRS mode is supported by the internal GPS receiver for sending your location and showing received station location, distance, and direction from your current location. In addition to your location, the ID-52E displays your current Grid Square information. The GPS position data can be used for Position Auto Reply, Near Repeater Search, and GPS log functions. microSD Card Slot, You can store QSO Recording, TX Voice Memory, pictures, QSOs and GPS, log data. Firmware upgrades, Repeater lists, and other personal settings onto a microSD card (up to 32 GB). This can then be uploaded into the ID-52E radio.

Micro USB Connector. The ID-52E has a Multi-function USB port as well as USB host function, for charging the Icom battery packs, PC Programming, read/write contents to the microSD card, Terminal/Access Point mode support, as well as CI-V control as well as audio. IPX7 Waterproof and Tough Construction, IPX7 waterproofing, and pro-grade construction make the ID-52E ideal for operating in harsh outdoor environments.

Other Features,

• 750 mW loud audio output power,

• Improved heat dissipation efficiency for stable operation,

• DV fast data mode uses data in place of voice frames,

• QSO log in CSV data format,

• Accessories for the ID-51E/ID-31E such as battery packs and microphones can be used,

• DV/FM near repeater search function,

• Voice recorder function,

• External DC power jack.


BC-123SE UK 3 pin PSU, 

BC-167SD Wall charger ,

BC-202IP3L Rapid charger. Connects up to 6 units. 

BC-228 AC Mains PSU for BC-202IP3L multiple connections. 

BP-271 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack, 7.4 V. Capacity: 1150 mAh (min.) 1200 mAh

(typ.). Operating time: 4.25 hours (FM mode)

BP-272 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack, 7.4 V. Capacity:1880 mAh (min.) 2000 mAh

(typ.). Operating time: 7.25 hours (FM mode)

BP-273 Battery case LR6 (AA) batteries ×3 

BP-307 BP-307 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack, 7.2 V. Capacity: 3050 mAh (min.)

mAh (typ.). Operating time: 12 hours (FM mode) * Approximate. Tx: Rx: standby =

1:1:8. Power save function ON. GPS OFF.


CP-12L Cigarette Lighter Cable. Built-in noise filter ,

CP-25H Cigarette lighter cable for BC-202IP3L single unit,

OPC-2144 Plug Adapter Cable. Required when using any of HM-75A, HM-153, HM-166 or SP-40.

OPC-2417 USB cable (micro-B - micro-B)

OPC-2418 USB cable (Type C - micro-B)

OPC-254L DC Power Cable,


HS-94 Ear hook type headset 

HS-95 Neck arm type headset 

HS-97 Throat type headset 

OPC-2006LS Plug adapter cable for Vox operation. Required when using any of these headsets HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97,

SP-40 Earphone (OPC-2144 required.) 

VS-3 Bluetooth headset,

Speaker Microphones,

HM-153LS Earphone Microphone,

HM-166LS Earphone-Microphone.