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Icom communication

Welcome to the Icom radio products pages. Here, you'll find links for covering HF-VHF-UHF. In addition, specific models mentioned in the radio forum Like two way radio transceivers, scanner/receivers and radio systems for Private Mobile/ business Two Way Radio (PMR/ PBR), Amateur radio and more are here for future reference. Icom radio equipment sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Radio products and design.

Icom HM-168LWP Waterproof Microphone

Icom HM-168LWP Waterproof Microphone Read more

Icom OPC-1457R DC Lead with EMC Filter Box

The Icom OPC-1457R DC Lead with EMC Filter Box, Genuine icom product! Read more

Icom HM-126RB Standard Microphone For M603

Icom HM-126RB Standard microphone for M603, Remote Control Microphone HM-126RB. Read more

Icom HM-183LS Waterproof Speaker Microphone

The HM-183LS is a waterproof speaker microphone for use with the IP100H IP Handset and the ID-51E / ID-31E D-STAR handportables. The HM-183LS is waterproof even when attached to any of these radios. Read more

icom BC-124 AC Adaptor for IC-T3H

BC-124 AC Adaptor for IC-T3H AC Adaptor for BC-121 & IC-T3H Read more

Icom SM-27 Base Microphone For IC-718 and IC-7200

Icom SM-27 Desktop Microphone is a new affordable Icom desktop microphone for the Amateur Radio Market. The SM-27 which features an 8-pin Metal Connector is compatible with Icom’s range of Amateur radio HF transceivers including the IC-718, IC-7... Read more

BP-287 Li-ion battery pack - ICOM IC-R30

Li-ion, 3.6V 3280mAh (typ.), 3120mAh (min.) Read more

Icom SP-37 External Hailer Horn Speaker

Icom SP-37 External Hailer Horn Speaker, External Hailer Horn Speaker with Bracket (30W). Read more

Icom OPC-2377 Extension cable for OPC-2383/RC-R...

OPC-2377 Extension cable for OPC-2383/RC-RM600 (10m). Up to four cables can be connected. Read more

Icom OPC-2383 10m cable for RC-RM600

OPC-2383 10m cable for RC-RM600 (same as supplied with RC-M600) Read more

icom HM-168 waterproof speaker mic

Based on the HM-165 speaker microphone the HM-168 has been designed for marine users who require a lightweight IPX7 waterproof speaker microphone Read more

Icom BC-119LM Fast Charger for IC-4088SR

The Icom BC-119LM Fast charger twinpod, The BC-119LM, BC-119N And BC-121N will only charge the BP-202M Battery pack. Fast Charger twin pod (Includes BC-06UK or BC-06EU) Read more

Icom RMK-3 Head Unit Mount

Icom RMK-3 Mobile front panel detachment kit.For use ONLY with Icom F5061/6061 Series Radios.Allows for front panel seperation for remote installation of main unit.You will need the OPC-607, OPC-608, or OPC-609 to be able to use this. Read more

Icom MB-113 Rear Panel Adaptor

Rear Panel Adapter for Installation Into a D-sub 15-pin Connection System EquipmentFor use with ICOM IC-A210 radio. Read more

Icom HM-159SC splash-proof speaker mic

Icom HM-159 splash-proof speaker mic Splash proof full sized durable speaker mic Read more

Icom CS-R8600 Cloning Software

Icom CS-R8600 Cloning Software for the IC-R8600. Read more

icom BP-272 high capacity Li-ion battery pack

The BP-272 ICOM Li-ion battery pack 7.4V/1880mAh (min.), 2000mAh (typ.) High capacity Li-ion battery. Operating 8 hours in FM mode and 7.5 hours in DV mode. (Typical operation in 1:1:8 duty cycle) Read more

icom HM-75LS Speaker Microphone

The Icom HM-75LS Speaker Microphone, Remote control speaker microphone with slim L-type connector. Read more

Icom CS-M330 Programming Software

Programming software for IC-M330E/IC-M330GE mobile marine radioOPC-478UC cable is required Read more

icom HM-202 Speaker Microphone

The Icom HM-202 Waterproof Speaker MicrophoneSpeaker microphone for Icom marine handheld radio, Read more

Icom CS-M506 Programming Software

CD comes with dongle required to use software. For ICOM IC-M506 radioRequires OPC-478UC + OPC-980 cables Read more

FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz

FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz FL-232 9MHz Filter CW/RTTY narrow 350Hz/-6dB. Option: IC-746, IC-706 Read more

Icom BC-135 Desktop Rapid Charger for IC-R3

BC-135 Desktop Rapid Charger for IC-R3 Desktop Rapid Charger (needs charge adaptor) for IC-R3 Read more

Icom EM-80 mic/speaker

Icom EM-80 Durable, full sized microphone with internal speaker Read more