KWM-9612+ Kantronics wireless data communications modem
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KWM-9612+ Kantronics wireless data communications modem Version 4.0

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The KWM-9612+ Kantronics wireless data communications modem,Kantronics, a pioneer in wireless data communications, now offers the KWM-1200+ Single Port and the KWM-9612+ Multi Port High Speed wireless modems. Both are engineered for dependable and versatile digital communications in the commercial operating environment. Kantronics has developed the KWM units to meet the needs of today, with an eye toward emerging applications. Able to communicate in a variety of formats, including TCP/IP, LSUB and TUP, KWM units are seamless and transparent radio link substitutes. KWM units can also operate as a data-operated switch (DOX).

KWM units can fill a variety of roles. They are well made, engineered for dependability and low in cost. It's no wonder Kantronics units are in use around the world.

KWM-9612+ Applications Include:

•"Keyboard to keyboard" communications
•Digipeater -- suitable for remote locations
•Electronic Mail Box
•Local area node
•Remote control devices
•Remote access of telemetry data
•BBS operations and message forwarding
•GPS position transmitting and tracking (NMEA-0183 data required)
•Data storage and retrieval
•Send/Receive Files
•Send/Receive Paging signals*
•1200 <--> 9600 gateway operation*

* Applications using features of the KWM-9612+ not found on the KWM-1200+.

The KWM-9612+ can be used in the field with a radio to form a mobile data terminal, or (with the addition of an external GPS receiver) a GPS mobile "tracker". Its broad supply voltage range (DC 6 V to 25 V) allows for maximum flexibility.

KWM-9612+ Features:

•Dual port 1200/9600 bps operation, standard*
•Port 1 supports 1200 bps
•Port 2 supports 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps with DFSK modulation*
•Remote Control and telemetry functions with two A/D inputs
and two control line outputs
HOST, TERMINAL, GPS and MODEM operating modes
•GPS operation mode allows use with geolocation software
(when KWM-1200 is paired with NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receiver)
•Paging transmit/receive capability -- POCSAG compatible*
•Large capacity internal mailbox supports multiple users and mail forwarding feature
•"Online" HELP feature
•Digital audio drive control -- set from keyboard or by remote control
•Upgradeable as new firmware is released
•Faster HC11 Motorola® central processor
•Low current requirements
•128k memory standard; 512k optional
•Use with base, mobile or hand-held radios
•Made in the USA -- Limited one year warranty to original purchaser

* Features not found on the single-port KWM-1200+.

KWM-9612+ Specifications:

Version Commercial
Dimensions (H×W×D) 0.8"×6.7"×6.9" (21 mm × 170 mm × 175 mm) without projections
Weight 18 oz (0.5 kg) (approx.)
Power Requirements DC 5.5 V to 25 V, < 45 mA (LEDs on, unit active)
Power Connector 2.1 mm coaxial, center pin positive
External Signal Ports DB-9 female (radio port 1)
DB-15 female (radio port 2)
DB-25 female (computer/data terminal)
Watchdog Timer 3 minutes (radio port 1),
40 seconds (radio port 2) (approx)
External Carrier Detect Pulldown to ground
Analog Measurement Inputs
(A/D Converter) Two inputs; 0 V to +5 V, 8-bit accuracy, ZIN= 20 kOhm
PTT Output Open drain, max +50 V dc, max 200 mA

Radio Port 1
Data Rate 1200 bps (default); 300, 400, 600
Modulation 1200 bps FSK full duplex CCITT V.23 1300 Hz/2100 Hz
Audio Output Level Continuously adjustable from 1mV p-p to 4V p-p
Output Impedance 600 Ohm, AC coupled
Audio Input Sensitivity 5 mV p-p - 35 V p-p
Input Dynamic Range > 70 dB
Input Impedance Unbalanced, 10 kOhm
(600 Ohm with jumper J 3 installed)
Max Audio Input Voltage ±12 V dc; 35 V p-p sinusoidal
Equalization None or Fixed

Radio Port 2
Data Rate 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
Modulation Gaussian Filtered DFSK, full duplex at 4800, 9600, 19,200, 38,400 bps
Audio Output Level 2 mV p-p ~ 100 mV p-p (J 20 off)
80 mV p-p ~ 4 V p-p (J 20 on)
Output Impedance 600 Ohm, AC or DC coupled
Audio Input Sensitivity lo: 15 mV ~ 200 mv p-p (J 16 on)
hi: 80 mV ~ 2.0 V p-p
Input Dynamic Range >20 dB (either range)
Input Impedance Unbalanced, 10 kOhm
(600 Ohm with jumper J 3 installed)
Max Audio Input Voltage ±25 V dc; 25 V p-p sinusoidal
Equalization Variable, Software controlled
RX S/N Quality Indicator 0 V to +3 V (Zout= 2.2 kOhm)

General :

LED Indicators Power, Xmit, Rcv, Connected, Status, Mail
(user option on/off)
Remote Control Access All controller functions, user-defined password
External Reset Pulldown to ground
Operating Protocols AX.25 Levels 1 and 2 (user-selectable)
Compliance FCC Class B; Europe - CE Conformity