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Lafayette cb radio
Lafayette Zeus pro cb radio multi
Lafayette Zeus pro cb radio multi
Lafayette cb radio
Lafayette Zeus pro cb radio multi
£109.99 (£91.66 exc. VAT)
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Product code:Lafayette Zeus cb multi
Brand:Lafayette cb radio

The Lafayette Zeus pro cb multi Automatic squelch system, or normal squelch. The automatic squelch can be activated with a button on the facia but also by a button on the microphone. High quality rotary controls for volume, squelch and channel change.

4 programmable memories which gives you easy access to your most commonly used channels.

Scan function can scan the channels, stopping on ones where a signal is present. It will then stay on this channel until transmissions have stopped for 7 seconds and it will then restart scanning.

LCD display can be switched to show either channel number or frequency readout. The LCD also shows all main functions status along with received signal strength.

Multi coloured LED which is green during receiving and switches to red when transmitting.

Dual Watch facility allows you to choose two channels to be monitored and automatically switches between them, allowing any signal appearing on either channel to be picked up.

Switchable, on off roger beep. Sends a beep tone at the end of every transmission, particularly useful if signals get weaker or there is a lot of noise. The receiving station can hear the beep easier through the noise and will know that you have stopped transmitting.

You can have the unit make a beep every time a button is pushed, alerting you to inadvertent button pushes, or you can switch the beep tone off.

In the UK mode, the 40 UK band channels and the 40 EU band channels are sequential if you are on channel 40 UK and go up one channel, you go to channel 01 on the EU band.

CH9 button for instant access to the emergency channel