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LawMate surveillance equipment
Lawmate AR100 Covert Audio Recorder
LawMate surveillance equipment
Lawmate AR100 Covert Audio Recorder
£79.96 (£66.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:PV-AR100
Brand:LawMate surveillance equipment

The Lawmate AR100 is a covert audio voice activated recording system disguised as a standard key fob car alarm blipper.

To look at this device you would never know this is anything other than a key fob for a car.

The Lawmate law enforcement grade key fob Audio Recorder is a covert key fob audio recorder with one button recording and one button stop.

It can record for up to 15 hours straight and gives you fast USB download times to your computer. Very quick and easy! You can learn to use this in 30 seconds.

This is a top of the range audio recorder from Lawmate that is simple, easy and quick to use. Never again will you lose the evidence you need. You can use it as your key chain and never again be without a high grade audio recorder. This Law Enforcement grade audio recorder model comes with high grade earphones for listening and a USB cord for fast download to your computer.


Voice Activated and continuous recording

Easy playback facility

Built-in AGC MIC

Vibration alert

LED Status Signal

15 hours record time

MP3 File format