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Lawmate UK Accessories

Welcome to the Surveillance page items used by governments for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group or object, or the investigation of crime. It is also used by criminal organizations to plan and commit crimes, such as robbery and kidnapping, by businesses to gather intelligence, and by private investigators.

Replacement Battery Charger For Lawmate WCH-350X

Genuine Lawmate product, Replacement Battery Charger For Lawmate WCH-350X Also charges other units, Ask us today! Read more

LawMate PV1000 Touch Remote

A wired remote control for the PV-1000 touch. Plug this remote in to control the on/off and record start/stop functions. A simple switch allows you to operate the unit whilst keeping it safely tucked away. Two LEDs will tell you the status of the ... Read more

LawMate PV500 Li-On Battery

This is a spare battery for all LawMate PV500 digital video recording systems.Rated at 2200mah it will provide 3 hours of record time.Compatible with:Lawmate PV500 EcoLawmate PV500 Eco 2Lawmate PV500 EvoLawmate PV500 Evo 2Lawmate PV500 Evo 2ULawm... Read more

LawMate PV500 4400mAh Extended Battery

This extended battery pack has double the capacity of the standard battery. Compatible with all LawMate PV500 digital video recorders. Strap this battery to the back of your DVR and double the record time to around 6 hours.Rated at 3.7v 4400mAh 6 ... Read more

Lawmate Twin PV500 Charger

This charger will quick charge 2 x PV500 batteries at the same time. Compatible with both the BA2200 and the newerr BA4400 extended battery packs for both the PV500 ECO and PV500 EVO. Use with the mains charger supplied with all Lawmate PV500 reco... Read more

Lawmate PV1000 Touch Battery 4400mah

A spare 4400mAh battery for the LawMate PV1000 Touch and PV1000 Touch 5U models only. Provides up to 6 hours record time on a single charge depending on settings and ambient temperatures. Read more

LawMate PI-RF50TX Remote Controller

LawMate PI-RF50TX Remote ControllerThis is the new LawMate PI-RF50TX remote controller for the LawMate PV-500 HDW Pro recording unit. Designed in the same style as other LawMate devices, this remote commander will allow the user to control their P... Read more