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LDG Electronics
LDG Yaesu One-Touch-Tune Interface
LDG Yaesu One-Touch-Tune Interface
LDG Electronics
LDG Yaesu One-Touch-Tune Interface
£74.95 (£62.46 exc. VAT)
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Product code:Y-OTT
Brand:LDG Electronics

The LDG Y-OTT Yaesu One-Touch-Tune Interface is a simple, convenient, and intelligent interface for your Yaesu radio and LDG autotuner. You can now power your tuner directly from the radio (except for the FT-817), reducing the need for an additional power source. The provided cable can be extended if desired.

The interface is a breeze to operate:

Press the tune button on your tuner

The Interface changes the mode on your radio and commands the radio to transmit

The tuner tunes. When completed, the Interface restores your mode. Done!

Compatible Yaesu radios: FT-100D, FT-817, FT-857 and FT-897. Compatible LDG tuners: AT-11 (with ACC-11 installed), AT-11MP, RT-11 (with remote control) and Z-100. Most future LDG products will also be compatible.

Communications and mode changing must be intelligent to provide the interface between the radio and the LDG Autotuner. A microprocessor handles all the communications and control. Bypass and any other controls on your tuner will still operate as normal.