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Maco Antennas

Welcome to the Maco Antennas and aerials Accessories page. Here, you'll find links for cb radio antenna Accessories covering 27mhz. In addition, specific models mentioned in the cb radio Accessories forums. From cb base antennas,CB BEAM, cb vertical, 4x4 cb antennas,CB radio mobile antenna,cb mag mount, Cb Radio car antenna mount, and more are here for future reference.

Maco Alpha V58 base cb antenna,

The Alpha V58 is a highly efficient, 5/8 wave commercial antenna that offers outstanding base station performance. Field tunable from 26-33 MHZ . 1200 watt power handling capability, 5 dB gain. Read more


The Maco V5000A BASE ANTENNA, Seamless Aircraft grade aluminum, 5db gain, 1.5 maximum SWR, 5000 Watts, Height: 16-1/2' to 20. For the operator who wants a antenna to last, Made BY MACO and Antennas USA, Read more

Maco V-QUAD Dual Beam 10/11 Meter Base Antenna

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:* Construction: Telescoping Aluminum Tubing* Element Clamps: Quality Aluminum, Full Compression, No Holes drilled in elements or boom means longer life* Boom-to-Element Mount: Heavy Extruded Aluminum* SWR Adj... Read more