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Icom Marine Radio Accessories

Welcome to the Icom Marine Accessories offers a large range of accessories for each of its models across all of its market places including radio chargers, radio microphones, radio headsets, power supplies, radio batteries, antennas, radio cases, radio mounting kits;Each accessory is made to an exacting quality standard and is covered by a 1 year warranty.

Icom MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder

Designed for Non- SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, workboats and small vessels, the MA-500TR is a compact, waterproof Class B AIS transponder that actively notifies other vessels of your exact position, thus increasing your safety at sea. The... Read more

Icom BP-234 Emergency Battery for the GM-1600

Hi Capacity Lithium battery pack (non-rechargeable 9.0V/3300mAh). Read more


COMMANDMIC for IC-M605EURO. Requires OPC-2384. Read more

icom SAVOXNC Waterproof Headset for IC-M1EURO V

SAVOXNC Waterproof Headset for IC-M1EURO V Waterproof headset fits inside ear muffs for IC-M1EURO V Read more

Icom UX-251 AIS Receiver Unit

Icom UX-251 AIS Receiver Unit for the IC-M605EURO Read more

Icom HM-165 speaker mic for IC-M35

The Icom HM-165 speaker mic,The optional waterproof speaker-microphone HM-165 will allow the IC-M35 to float when attached. The waterproof screw-type connector is provided to prevent water intrusion. Read more

Icom HM-167 hand mic

Icom HM-167 hand mic, waterproof speaker mike fo the icom IC-M71 Handheld VHF Radio. Read more

icom OPC-966U Cloning Cable

Icom OPC-966 Cloning Cable, This programming cable provides quick and easy programming of the following Icom radios: IC-F30GS, IC-F30GT, IC-F3061, IC-F3062SN, IC-F3062TN, IC-F31GS, IC-F31GT, IC-F40GS, IC-F40GT, IC-F4061, IC-F4062S, IC-F4062T, IC-F... Read more

Icom UT-112 Voice Scrambler Unit

UT-112 Voice Scrambler Unit with 32 codes Read more

icom HM-138 Waterproof Speaker Microphone for I...

The HM-138 Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-M87, Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-M87. IC-F51V/F61V Series : VHF/UHF advanced handheld transceivers, IC-M87 (ATEX version) : Compact/Waterproof VHF PBR/Marine ATEX handheld Read more

icom BP-227 (Spare) Li-Ion Battery 7.2V 1700mAh...

Icom BP-227 (Spare) Li-Ion Battery 7.2V 1700mAh for IC-M87, (Spare) Li-Ion Battery 7.2V 1700mAh for IC-M87. Read more

Icom HM-213 waterproof speaker microphone

Icom IPX7 HM-213 waterproof speaker microphone for the IC-M25, IC-M35 and IC-M93D Read more

Icom HM-126RB Standard Microphone For M603

Icom HM-126RB Standard microphone for M603, Remote Control Microphone HM-126RB. Read more

icom BC-124 AC Adaptor for IC-T3H

BC-124 AC Adaptor for IC-T3H AC Adaptor for BC-121 & IC-T3H Read more

Icom SP-37 External Hailer Horn Speaker

Icom SP-37 External Hailer Horn Speaker, External Hailer Horn Speaker with Bracket (30W). Read more

Icom OPC-2377 Extension cable for OPC-2383/RC-R...

OPC-2377 Extension cable for OPC-2383/RC-RM600 (10m). Up to four cables can be connected. Read more

Icom OPC-2383 10m cable for RC-RM600

OPC-2383 10m cable for RC-RM600 (same as supplied with RC-M600) Read more

icom HM-202 Speaker Microphone

The Icom HM-202 Waterproof Speaker MicrophoneSpeaker microphone for Icom marine handheld radio, Read more

Icom CS-M330 Programming Software

Programming software for IC-M330E/IC-M330GE mobile marine radioOPC-478UC cable is required Read more

Icom CS-M506 Programming Software

CD comes with dongle required to use software. For ICOM IC-M506 radioRequires OPC-478UC + OPC-980 cables Read more

icom HS-51 Headset with PTT/VOX/TOT

The HS-51 Headset with PTT/VOX/TOT (Time Out Timer) Read more

Icom HM-135 Hand Speaker Microphone for IC-M802

The HM-135 (Spare) Hand Speaker Microphone for IC-M802.Spare Hand Speaker Microphone for IC-M802. Read more

Icom BP-285 Li-Ion battery pack

Icom BP-285, Li-Ion, 7.2V 1570mAh battery pack (operating time 9 hours (approx.) Read more


The ICOM BP-215N BATTERY M1V 7.4V 1900mAh Li-Ion, Please note: Picture for illustration purposes only. Read more