Mfj-5080x pk-232 to yaesu 8-pin radios
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Mfj-5080x pk-232 to yaesu 8-pin radios

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Mfj-5080x pk-232 to yaesu 8-pin radios

Mfj-5080x pk-232 to yaesu 8-pin radios

TNC-to-Radio Cable, For PK-232

This preassembled TNC-to-Radio Cable is for use between a PK-232 Data Controller and one of the different radio models listed below.

MFJ-5080X – for most Yaesu 8-pin radios and those radios that are pin compatible with them. MFJ takes all the hassle and soldering out of wiring your rig to your TNC with these radio accessory port cables. Pre-wired cables save you time, money and aggravation. Plug and play! Pre-Wired Radio-to-TNC Cables



TNCs and

Multimodes KAM VHF5


KPC93125 PK-232 PK900 /

PK96 /

PK12 /

KSP232 /

PacComm /

other TNC-2



Alinco8 Strd HT MFJ-5022 MFJ-5022YV MFJ-5022X MFJ-5022

Icom1/Yaesu Radioshack Hts MFJ-5024 MFJ-5024YV MFJ-5024X MFJ-5024B

Kenwood2 Hts MFJ-5026 MFJ-5026YV MFJ-5026X MFJ-5026

Yaesu R-Series HT MFJ-5020 MFJ-5020YV MFJ-5020X MFJ-5020R

Yaesu 8-pin MFJ-5080 MFJ-5080YV

MFJ-5080YH MFJ-5080X MFJ-5080

Icom3 8-pin MFJ-5084 MFJ-5084YV

MFJ-5084YH MFJ-5084X MFJ-5084

Kenwood/Alinco 8-pin MFJ-5086 MFJ-5086YV

MFJ-5086YH MFJ-5086X MFJ-5086

Yaesu 8-pin modular MFJ-5080M MFJ-5080MYV MFJ-5080MX MFJ-5080M

Icom4 8-pin modular MFJ-5084M MFJ-5084MYV MFJ-5084MX MFJ-5084M

Kenwood 8-pin modular MFJ-5086M MFJ-5086MYV

MFJ-5086MYH MFJ-5086MX MFJ-5086M

Radio Shack 8-pin modular MFJ-5088M MFJ-5088MYV MFJ-5088MX MFJ-5088M

1 - Does not include IC-W2A

2 - Does not include 2500

3 - Does not include 25A, 255A

4 - Does not include IC-100H, IC-2700H

5 - YV for KAM VHF port, YH for KAM HF port. Other Kantronics use YV

6 - YV for KP9612 1200 band port

7 - YH models for KPC9612 9600 baud port

8 - Excludes DJ-100, 120T, 200, 500

Pre-Wired Accessory Port-to-TNC cables


MFJ TNC / MMC PK900 / PK12 / DSP 232 / PacComm TNC2 compatibles KAM VHF / KAM HF / KPC3 KPC-6912

Radios ACC Port

ICOM HF 8 Pin DIN MFJ-5063 MFJ-5063YH

ICOM VHF 8 Pin DIN MFJ-5064 MFJ-5064YV MFJ-5064YV

ICOM 706 13-Pin DIN MFJ-5065 MFJ-5065YH MFJ-5065YV MFJ-5065YV

KENW / YAESU, AZDEN VHF 6-Pin mini DIN MFJ-5060 MFJ-5060YV MFJ-5060YV

KENW HF 13-Pin DIN MFJ-5066 MFJ-5066YH

Open End Cables with Radio Connectors

8 pin round mic MFJ-5082

6 pin DIN MFJ-5106

5 pin DIN, MFJ TNC MFJ-5205

8 pin DIN, Acc. Port MFJ-5208

13 pin DIN, Acc. Port MFJ-5213

Yaesu FT-50R cable MFJ-5220

Split conn. Alinco MFJ-5222


Kenwood Handhelds MFJ-5226

8 pin modular mic. MFJ-5268

Pre-Wired Radio to Computer Serial Interface

Kenwood and compatibles MFJ-5383K

Icom and compatibles MFJ-5383I

Yaesu standard 6 pin DIN MFJ-5383Y

Yaesu 6 pin Mini Din MFJ-5383YB

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