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Microset products,
Microset PRH-145 2m Masthead Pre-Amp
Microset products,
Microset PRH-145 2m Masthead Pre-Amp
£207.95 (£173.29 exc. VAT)
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Product code:PRH-145A
Brand:Microset products,

Very low noise and low intermodulation antenna preamplifiers, mast installation, high performance and good operating also in congested band and with strong radio fields generated by broadcast transmitters. Valuable and reliable GaAs FET technology; their shielded waterproof strong metallic box assures protection against storm lightning and allows very long efficiency also in seaside and pollution environment application. D.C. power +12VDC by separated wire, automatic antenna switch, P.T.T. -external RX/TX switch control - by transceiver facility, S.S.B. and C.W. utility. Without D.C. power the preamplifier is by-passed. MADE IN ITALY.

Freq. 144-146 MHz * Gain 20dB * Noise 0.9dB * 500W bypass * Insertion loss 0.5dB * Remote tvcr control * Connectors N- type * Supply 12-14V DC * 160 x 75 x 91mm * Weight 880g