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MOONRAKER Radio products
Moonraker PID-5N Voltage Reducer
Moonraker PID-5N Voltage Reducer
MOONRAKER Radio products
Moonraker PID-5N Voltage Reducer
£34.96 (£29.13 exc. VAT)
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Product code:PID-5N
Brand:MOONRAKER Radio products


This Voltage Converter is specially designed for use in Trucks, Buses and other Vehicles which have a 24 Volt Cigarette Lighter Output Socket.

The Plug on the Converter is a universal Type and can be used in the Lighter Socket.

The Output Socket supplies 12 Volt to a maximum of 5 Ampere. If an Appliance which draws a total of more than 5 Amps is plugged into the Converter only a maximum of 5 Amps will be supplied and the Appliance may not work.

This Unit can be mounted on or under a Dashboard or anywhere else that is convenient, but care must be taken that the Converter is well ventilated and does not overheat.

Do not extend the Cable supplied.

Voltage Reducer.

Voltage: 24 V DC to 12 V DC.

Load/Maximum Output Current: 5 Ampere.

Input: 24 VDC, Cigarette Lighter Plug.

Output: 12.5 VDC, Single Cigarette Lighter Socket.

Packing: Blister-1.