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Motorola XTN-446 PMR

Motorola XTN-446 PMR

Motorola XTN-446 PMR

The Motorola XTN-446 PMR is a reliable and efficient two-way radio. It operates on the PMR446 frequency, which allows for clear and uninterrupted communication over short distances. With a range of up to 8 kilometres, it is suitable for various professional and recreational activities. The XTN-446 PMR features 8 channels, ensuring flexibility and minimizing interference. It also has a built-in VOX function, enabling hands-free operation. The radio is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. Additionally, it is equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring extended usage time. Overall, the Motorola XTN-446 PMR is a practical and dependable choice for individuals and businesses in need of reliable communication.

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