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MyDel Frequency Counters

We Sell MyDel Frequency Counters here at Radioworld UK for The best prices.

RF-Explorer 3G Combo - Spectrum Analyser.

RF enthusiast have limited themselves to cheap "RF Power Detector / Frequency counter" devices in the past. But these are limited to display data for a single point of maximum power, and traditionally power metrics are too unreliable, in the order... Read more

RF-Explorer - Handheld 6GHz RF Signal Generator

The RF Explorer- Handheld 6GHz RF Signal Generator - CW, Sweep and Tracking Generator capabilities, The RF Explorer Signal Generator is a powerful, wideband fully programmable RF signal generator. It is the perfect companion for Spectrum Analyz... Read more

MyDel KC-901S

RF MULTIMETERWhy is KC901S more powerful than KC901H?KC901S is lighter in weight.KC901S provide vector measurement of S11.KC901S is much better to be operated.The measured data can be saved and transferred via USB on KC901S with its control instru... Read more