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MYDEL Radio Products
MyDel KC-901S
MyDel KC-901S
MYDEL Radio Products
MyDel KC-901S
£1,195.96 (£996.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:MyDel KC-901S
Brand:MYDEL Radio Products


Why is KC901S more powerful than KC901H?

KC901S is lighter in weight.

KC901S provide vector measurement of S11.

KC901S is much better to be operated.

The measured data can be saved and transferred via USB on KC901S with its control instruction provided.

KC901S can support 40Wh battery giving twice the operation time of KC901H.

KC901S works down to -40℃(depends on the working temperature of the battery.)


Test frequencies up to 3GHz with 1Hz resolution and stability better than 1ppm.

Providing vector measurement on S11 with 0.01 phase resolution and 0.01db amplitude resolution.

With vector measurement capability of S11, it shows the smith chart, RL(Return loss), characters of phase position, and frequency. Also, it can measure match of the antenna feed system with a build-in cable fault locator.In S21 scalar measurement, it has the function of single frequency S21 within range of 100dB.*

With its non-volatile calibration data built-in, on site calibration is not necessary if performing a qualitative measurement. While performing rigorous test, you may use the SOL to enhance the calibration.

A handy field strengthen meter with a wide dynamic range.

Built in DDS, audio signal source function.

Data can be saved in the Memory Card or be transferred into PC via USB.

3.5 inch color-display -Excellent response speed with accurate key feeling, less than 3s ready to use.

Functions are stable and reliable with the excellent hardware/software design.

* in accordance with Technical parameters