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Welcome to the Amateur radio NEVADA RADIO page. Here, you'll find links for Power supplies,Coax Cable, Antennas,covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the ham Radio forum Like Comet antennas, Alinco, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Parts sold here, We update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Ham Radio design.

Spiderbeam Spiderpole 18m

Spiderbeam 18m (60ft) fibreglass poles are built very similar to our well proven 12m HD fiberglass poles, yet carefully designed to maintain low weight and perfect balance. The pole starts out very rugged at the bottom (73mm diameter / 2mm wall th... Read more

Nevada PSW-50 50 Amp 9-15 volts Power Supply

This powerhouse 50 amp switch mode power supply has a host of useful features, and output voltage is fully adjustable from 9-15 volts, it comes in at an amazingly low price too. Input voltage: 240 VAC, Output voltage: 13.8VDC - adjustable between ... Read more

Nevada PS-40M 40 Amp Variable Voltage Power Sup...

The Nevada PS-40M 40 Amp Variable Voltage Power Supply.Designed for a variety of applications, this larger big brother of the Nevada PS-30M has a big 40amp capacity and is also ideal for powering most HF transceivers where protection, reliability ... Read more

Kevlar 3.2mm Heavy Duty Guy Wire 100 Metre Drum

The Kevlar 3.2mm HD 5 Kw high power antenna guy wire, NEW - High Power - Military style Kevlar antenna Wire in Chrome Green colour (3.2 mm outer diameter), priced here by the 100 metre drumSimply the best type of wire to use for all of your an... Read more

Nevada PS-30M 30Amp PSU

The Nevada PS-30M 30Amp PSU, Designed for a variety of applications this power supply is ideal for powering HF transceivers where protection, reliability and immunity to RF are important. This high quality variable voltage power supply utilising g... Read more

Nevada WH3080-SOLAR Wireless Weather Station

This WH3080-SOLAR Wireless Weather Station includes a solar power transmitter instead of the standard battery powered transmitter.The wireless transmitter uses solar energy to recharge it's internal AA size rechargeable batteries. This product wil... Read more

Kevlar 28 D Military style antenna guy wire per...

Kevlar 28 standard size antenna wire in Chrome Green finish price - per 100m drumSpecifications: Strength Member (Centre Element): YellowContinuous Filament Aramid (Kevlar). Diameter: 1.00mm NominalConductor: Silver (16/4/0.1mm conductor)Tinn... Read more

Nevada PSW-30 25-30a Amp Power Supply

The PSW-30 is a high efficiency, compact, lightweight, high performance, switch mode power supply. It is also engineered to minimize the switching noise specifically for amateur radio use. If minor noise does occur it can be eliminated with the No... Read more

Nevada PSW-30H Power Supply With Large Meter

The Nevada PSW-30H New switch mode power supply in the Nevada range, this PSW-30H is rated at 30 amps max, and will run most of your shack equipment with ease. Has a very handy 10 amp cigar plug type outlet socket, large clear analogue meter showi... Read more

Nevada PS23SWI 23Amp Power Supply

The PS23SWI NEW lightweight, highly efficient,compact 23A max switch mode power supply. It is exceptionally immune to RFI interference at close range. To ensure reliability, the Nevada PS23-SW1 is provided with constant current protection, ove... Read more

Nevada PSW-07 7 amp Power supply

The PSW-07 Switch Mode Power Supply 40v input / 13.8v Output / 5-7 Amp, Front Mounted Terminal Posts, On/Off Front Panel Rocker Switch, Size : 200 x 110 x 80mm. Read more

Nevada PSW-04 4amp Power Supply

Nevada PSW-04 is a 3-5amp fixed 13.8v switch mode power supply. PSW-04 Switch Mode Power Supply 240v input / 13.8v Output Front Mounted Terminal Posts On/Off Front Panel Rocker Switch Size : 200 x 110 x 80mm Read more

Scanmaster SW-2 HF SW VHF UHF portable antenna

The Scanmaster SW2 is designed for portable or fixed station use. It has very wide coverage, is simple to install and plugs straight into your receiver. The Scanmaster SW2 is really 2 aerials in 1, VHF/UHF + SW HF and these can be used together or... Read more

Nevada MTS 060 3/8" Style Mag Mount A Large 177...

Nevada 3/8" Style Mag Mount A Large 177mm Limpet Magnetic Mount . Will hold a variety of mobile whips which have the very popular 3/8" socket fitted, which includes most CB whips, and also some HF whips with the correct 3/8" base fitting. Features... Read more

Nevada MTS 050 4 metres of RG58 coax with PL-25...

Nevada SO 239 Style Mag Mount, A Large 177mm Limpet Magnetic Mount . Will hold a variety of mobile whips which have the very popular SO239 socket fitted, which includes most VHF/UHF whips, and also some HF whips with the correct base fitting. Fea... Read more