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Second Hand Audio Technica AT2035 Condenser Mic...

Second Hand Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-address cardioid studio condenser delivers exceptional detail and low noise. Equip... Read more

Second Hand Radiotone RT-3 3G Handheld Network ...

Second Hand Radiotone RT-3 3G Handheld Network Radio, • Enhanced GSM/WCDMA Antenna• 5.0MP Rear Camera• Support GPS/BDS• Support Zello PTT• 3500mAh Extra-Long Life BatteryModel No. Radio Tone RT3Features High gain GSM/WCDMA antennaSupport... Read more

Second Hand W2IHY Icom 8 Pin Modular Cable for ...

Second Hand W2IHY Icom 8 Pin Modular Cable for IC-7100, Radio Compatibility: EQ/iBox/iPlus Output Cable to IC706, IC207H, IC 7000, IC7100. ID880H, ID5100 (5 Pin DIN to 8 Pin Male Modular Mic Connector)Compatibility: All W2IHY Audio Equalizers, iPl... Read more

Second Hand Icom IC-SP3 Communication Speaker

The Icom SP3 external speaker matches several Icom receivers and transceivers including the IC-730. It has a flip-stand to angle the speaker up. The rear panel has a mini (3.5mm) input jack. Supplied with a mini to mini speaker cable. Read more


Popular style cast gutter mount which is taller than other gutter mounts to allow for greater clearance between the base and the top, allowing for especially long mounts to be fitted. Available in Matt black finish. Read more

Epic PWRgate 12 volt backup power system

The Epic PWRgate is West Mountain Radio's 3rd generation power gate product. It uses advanced technology to achieve a very low power loss and has maximum flexibility to charge modern batteries. Read more

K-PO K-100 CB 27 MHz AM/FM Mobile Transceiver

Working RF-gain on AM/FMImproved S-meterStandard with 12 volt cigar plugSpecifications:AM / FM Multinorm4 Watts AM / 4 Watts FMAutomatic (ASQ) squelchScan functionS-meterChannel 9/19KeyLock functionDetachable microphone (RJ connector)Quick disconn... Read more

Second Hand SP7GXP HF Vertical GP7DX Antenna

Bands [MHz] 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28 plus 50 Electrical lenght [Lambda] 1/2 Max gain [dB] 3 Bandwidth for VSWR 1.5:1 Max gain [dB] 3 Max power SSB/CW/RTTY [Watts] 1000/500/400 Emission vertical radius [st] 14 Emission horizontal radius [st] 360 B... Read more

Second Hand Ciro Mazoni Baby Loop Mkii with 2.0...

Second Hand Ciro Mazoni Baby Loop Mkii with 2.0 Controller,The smallest and most popular selling loop-antenna. Diameter is only 1m (ca. 38 inch). For this antenna space is not a problem: on the balcony, on the roof. The gapless frequency-range is ... Read more

Second Hand Microset P107A 3 Amp Linear Power S...

Second Hand Microset P107A 3 Amp Linear Power Supply, The Microset P107A 7 - 8 Amp Linear Power Supply, Reliable and strong stabilized power supply, analog technology, good performances and good price, for small and medium applications, hobby, ham... Read more

18120 Spare part Dipole Driven Element Only

This is a replacement driven element for WY-204, WY-214 WX-208 WX-214, WX-220. Read more


FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:* Dimensions: 105mm x 90mm x 60mmPACKING INCLUDES:1 pc of Speaker Read more

Comet 3D4MB 4m length high quality cable assembly

4m length high quality cable assemblyDon't waste your money with a cheap imitation of this cable, This quality one from Comet uses low loss Fujikura 3.5D-QEFV quality coax (4m) and is good for use on HF-600 MHz. Has a nice long thread on this one ... Read more

Solar Battery Charge Controller

This Charge Controller is intended for Field Use with a Solar Panel and a lead acid or A123 Lithium Iron battery pack. Lithium batteries should be periodically charged with a balancing charger to insure that proper balance is maintained. This Sola... Read more

President HP-2 External Speaker

External Speaker, 5-8 Watt, 8 Ohm,Cable with, 3.5 mm Mono Plug. Read more

President MIC DIN-5 Handheld CB Microphone

COMPATIBLE WITH:President TaylorWIRING:1. Modulation2. TX3. Ground4. Not Connected5. RXPACKING INCLUDES:1 Pc of Microphone Read more

President MIC DNC518 Handheld CB Microphone

COMPATIBLE WITH:President GeorgePresident Grant Classic (P6)President Herbert (P6)President Herbert NewPresident J.F.K. (P6)President J.F.K. Classic(P6)President Jackson (P6)President JamesPresident JohnsonPresident Johnson ClassicPresident Taylor... Read more


Maco M105C-HV 5-ELEMENT DUAL BEAM Antenna 10/11M Base, 5-Element Dual Beam, Gain 15.5 dB, PACKING INCLUDES: Antenna, Mounting Materials, Instructions in English. Read more

Yaesu SBR-26LI 7.4V 2,500mAh Li-ion Battery

7.4V 2500mAh LI-ION BATTERY PACK FOR FT-25E OR FT-65E Read more

Yaesu SRA-18A Helical Airband Antenna

Helical Airband Antenna• Frequency Range: 108 - 137 MHz• Mount: BNC-Male • Total Length: 20 cm• Max Power: 10 WattReplacement antenna for Yaesu FTA750LEU. Great for airband listening when using a scanner. Read more

Hy-Gain SPT-500 10/12m vertical, PENETRATOR, 1.5KW

This fantastic true full-size 5/8 Wave 10 / 12 Meter vertical antenna from Hy-Gain was a legend in the 70's now it's back to prove its legendary status once again! A Full-size radiator with lower radiation angle concentrates power closer to the gr... Read more


Protective side panel guards for Yaesu FT-991 or FT-991A. Supplied with mounting kit. Read more


A new accessory for Icom’s IC-7300, the MyDEL-7300SPG, a pair of side panel guards with handles with integrated protection for the rear panel. Metal construction in satin black, the kit is supplied with a set of stainless-steel mounting screws ... Read more

MyAnt EFHW-8010-1K Multi band End Fed Half Wave...

We are delighted to introduce these fantastic USA manufactured antennas to the UK. For many an End Fed antenna is the easiest solution to their property. These End fed antennas are unique, as they are resonant on 8 bands and DO NOT require a tuner... Read more

Second Hand BHi ANEM Mkii Noise Away Amplified ...

Second Hand BHi ANEM Mkii Noise Away Amplified Speaker Module, The bhi ANEM MKII ‘Noise Away’ Amplified DSP Noise Elimination in-line Module is a compact, easy to use, in-line solution to noise and interference problems in voice and radio comm... Read more

Second Hand Retevis RT-82 Speaker Microphone

Second Hand Retevis RT-82 Speaker Microphone, IP67waterproof. High quality loudspeaker and microphone units provides clear audio Ergonomic design Sturdy plastic 360 rotating clip 3.5mm earphone jack. Read more

AOR AR-DV10 Analogue/Digital handheld scanning ...

Click here to view the AOR AR-DV10 Brochure The AR-DV10 Digital Handheld Scanning ReceiverFeatures : 100kHz-1300MHz analogue & digital modes10 Digital Modes : TETRA,P25(Phase 1+2),DMR,Mototrbo,dPMR,NXDN,D-STAR,Alinco,YaesuAutomatic detection o... Read more

Second Hand Motorola DM4601e DMR UHF Mobile Tra...

The Motorola DM4601e is an ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radio that offers crystal clear digital audio, WIFI compatibility and Bluetooth integration.Key FeaturesIP54 rated1000 Channels3 Watt built in loudspeaker for clear audioIntuitive men... Read more

Second Hand Zastone D900 DMR Digital Handheld T...

Second Hand Zastone D900 DMR Digital Handheld Transceiver, 1000 channels. Remote kill/stun/activate. Voice prompt. Power-on protection. Color LCD display. Text messages in digital mode. Encryption function. Built-in CTCSS/DCS. Up to 1000 channels.... Read more


FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:• Construction: Telescoping Aluminum Tubing• Element Clamps: Quality Aluminum, Full Compression, No Holes drilled in elements or boom means longer life• Boom-to-Element Mount: Heavy Extruded Aluminum•... Read more

K-PO K-500 Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

Keyboard & LCD display with back-lightUp & Down buttons on the unit & MicrophoneScan functionButton for quick access to channel 9 & 19AM / FM button (depending on the band inactive)Volume (volume) manually adjustableSquelch either ... Read more

Second Hand MFJ-266 HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyser

Second Hand MFJ-266 HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyser, Buy now MFJ-266 covers HF, VHF, plus UHF ham and commercial frequencies with digital precision. It also displays SWR, Complex Impedance, and Impedance magnitude simultaneously -- all on the same eas... Read more

Second Hand Hansen SWR-50B 3.5 - 150 MHz SWR Po...

Second Hand Hansen SWR-50B 3.5 - 150 MHz SWR Power Meter, Max power handling 1kW and 3.5MHz - 150 MHz frequency range. Read more

Second Hand MFJ-873 VHF UHF SWR Power Meter

Second Hand MFJ-873 VHF UHF SWR Power Meter, MFJ-873 HF SWR/Power Meter. Covers VHF/UHF (125 - 525 MHz). 5, 20, 200 Watt power range. VHF-UHF VSWR/POWER Meter, MFJ Grandmaster SWR/Power meters are the Cadillac's of ham radio! If you simply will no... Read more

Midland 8001XT CB Mobile Transceiver

MIDLAND presents the new version, technologically ‘updated’ with SMD components, of the renowned AM/FM/SSB transceiver. MIDLAND 8001 XT is a 40 channel mobile transceiver, of easy and immediate use thanks to its practical controls and indicato... Read more

Heil HM-10-XD Dual Element Communications Micro...

The popular HM-10 had been redesigned with our new HC-5x and HC-4x elements mounted on an acoustically tuned chamber to reproduce the popular narrow HC-4 response for DX work and a full smooth response of the HC-5 elements. This allows users to o... Read more

Heil LB-1R Lighted Base

The LB-1R is one of the newest additions to our amateur radio product line. The LB-1R is a unique RED microphone base with PTT that is illuminated with LED’s by two AA batteries located on the bottom of the base.The LED switch located on the rig... Read more

Heil BM-17 Boomset lightweight headset

The Heil BM-17 is a lightweight headset designed for emergency communications. It is available as either a single-side or dual-side model. In addition, to accommodate different radio setups, the BM-17 is available with either a BM-17-Dynamic eleme... Read more

MyDEL-SARK110 Vector Impedance Antenna Analyser

The SARK-110 is a completely new design concept for an Antenna Analyzer. This is a truly pocket size device, so you can take it anywhere. It offers a gorgeous 3” high-resolution, active-matrix color display that allows information-rich diagrams.... Read more


Frequency range - 0 - 1500 MHzMax. Power [@ MHz] - 0-30 - 1500W PEP - 30-200 - 1000W PEP - 200-500/600 - 500W PEP - 500-900 - 250W PEP - < 1500 - 150W PEPSWR [@ MHz] - 0-500 - ≤ 1,15:1 - 500-1000 - ≤ 1,20:1 - 1000-20... Read more

Avair CO-401N Manual 4-way coax switch

Frequency range - 0 - 1500 MHzMax. Power [@ MHz] - 0-30 - 1500W PEP - 30-200 - 1000W PEP - 200-500/600 - 500W PEP - 500-900 - 250W PEP - < 1500 - 150W PEPSWR [@ MHz] - 0-500 - ≤ 1,15:1 - 500-1000 - ≤ 1,20:1 - 1000-20... Read more

Yaesu SCU-35 Programming Cable

The Yaesu SCU-35 Programming Cable. Yaesu SCU-35 Programming Cable For use with the Yaesu FT-25R and FT-65R Handheld Radio. Read more

Yaesu FT-4VE VHF Handheld Transceiver

With the FT-4XE and FT-4VE Yaesu continues the successful series of compact mono and dual band handheld radios. The FT-4 offers a rich set of features in a compact and rugged enclosure.The radios offer up to 5 W transmit power (switchable to 2.5 a... Read more

Yaesu FT-4XE 5W VHF/UHF FM Portable Transceiver

The FT-4XE Dual band VHF/UHF and the single band VHF FT-4VE share the same core feature set and are identical in appearance. The FT4XE and FT-4VE are the ultimate in compact design (W 52mm x H 90mm x D 30mm) handheld transceivers, providing up to ... Read more

Second Hand Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Field HF Tra...

Second Hand Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Field HF Transceiver, The Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Field is the member of the proud FT-1000 bloodline. The Field version brings you this leading edge technology in a 100 watts, self contained designed. That is righ... Read more

Super Antenna SuperWHIP Pro-Pack. Model: MP1DXT...

NEW MC2 Coil Option, 2m Coil for MP1 series Super Slider Antennas. Adds 2m 144MHz ham band. For use with current generation MP1 series vertical antennas. Sold since mid 2016. This is the model MP1DXTR80 Super Antenna. It is the maximum setup offer... Read more


The WiNRADiO WR-G39DDC 'EXCELSIOR' series offers high-performance HF/VHF/UHF/SHF software-defined receivers with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3500 MHz, with two independent channels of 4 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording ... Read more

Second Hand Retevis RT8 UHF DMR Handheld Transc...

Second Hand Retevis RT8 UHF DMR Handheld Transceiver, Enter the digital age in style with the Reteivs RT8 DMR Digital Portable Two Way Radio! The RT8 offers amazingly clear, full quieting digital voice communications without walloping your wallet.... Read more

Second Hand AnyTone AT-588 4m Transceiver

Second Hand AnyTone AT-588 4m Transceiver, 70MHz version of this fully featured,classic little FM transceiver with plenty of power (50w) available on the popular and friendly 4m (70MHz) band.Frequency range : TX /RX : 66-88 MHZFM Mode :Wide/nar... Read more

Second Hand Beofeng UV6R Dual Band Handheld Tra...

Second Hand Beofeng UV6R Dual Band Handheld Transceiver,The new walkie talkie Baofeng UV-6R is the new improved version of the famous UV-5R. It covers transmission and reception from 136 to 174 MHz (VHF) and 400 to 520MHz (UHF) with 5 watts real i... Read more

Sirio HGO 4G LTE Improved Full 4G LTE band Antenna

Product Number:P/N: 2154004/05CO HGO 4G LTE 50cm cableP/N: 2154004/5CO HGO 4G LTE 5m cableElectrical Data:Type: Multi Band Dipole ArrayRadiation: OmnidirectionalPolarization: Linear verticalFrequency range: 790-960 MHz & 1710-2700 MHz No tunin... Read more

MyDEL AnyTone AT-779V 2m Micro Mobile Transceiver

Now comes complete with programming cable. Brand new on to the market, this new Micro-sized 2m mobile is so small you won’t believe how tiny it is. Solid die-cast alloy construction and a full 15W output! Frequency: 136~174Function:• Output Po... Read more

RF Explorer WifiMETRIX Wi-Fi networks analyzer

WifiMETRIX is a new diagnostic tool used to analyze and test Wi-Fi networks. It is a new type of diagnostic tool that uses a dual-band 802.11 (i.e. Wi-Fi) chip to monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. WifiMETRIX is a handheld device that operat... Read more

Second Hand Kenwood TH-K20E 144 MHz FM Handheld

Second Hand Kenwood TH-K20E 144 MHz FM Handheld, he Kenwood TH-K20E VHF FM Portable Transceiver with Keypad. Key Features, Large LCD Display, Backlit Keypad ,Rugged, Compact Design to IP54 and MIL-STD ,Alpha-tagged Memories,5.5 Watts RF Output fro... Read more

Second Hand Whistler WS1040 Handheld Scanner

The WS1040 scans most common trunked radio system signaling formats, including Motorola, EDACS, LTR and P25 trunked radio networks. Talkgroup and individual call monitoring is supported. When monitoring P25 digital systems, the exclusive Automatic... Read more

iHome iP41 iPod / iPhone Rotating Dock Speaker ...

The iP41 is specifically designed to take advantage of the iPhone & iPod's variable aspect screen. Place the iP41 on its side to watch widescreen video and the clock display will adjust to match. Compatible with most docking iPods.Made for iPo... Read more

Heil PR 77D Professional quality dynamic microp...

The Heil PR 77D is a professional quality dynamic microphone for use in commercial broadcast, podcasting, and studio or home recording. It is perfect for any application that requires a smooth, flat response over a wide frequency range, excellent ... Read more

Maco 91 CB Radio Matching Box

The Maco 91 Match Box is used to correct high SWR between your radio & antenna. Handles 300 watts maximum power. Read more

novel antenna designs

Compiled and edited by Steve Telenius-Lowe, PJ4DX, Radio Amateurs to one extent or another all experiment with antennas to get the best performance they can. But few have ever considered anything beyond the basic antenna designs - this book tries ... Read more