X-SWEEPER Optoelectronics FM Nearfield Receiver with Spectrum di
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X-sweeper optoelectronics fm nearfield receiver with spectrum display - emodulates the fm audio through its built-in speaker.

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X-SWEEPER Optoelectronics FM Nearfield Receiver with Spectrum di

X-sweeper optoelectronics fm nearfield receiver with spectrum display - emodulates the fm audio through its built-in speaker.

The Optoelectronics X Sweeper is a nearfield receiver with a graphical display that displays the nearfield RF (analog only) in a spectrum format, allowing the user to rapidly observe all signals that are present, not just one single frequency at a time. Once a signal is received, the X Sweeper demodulates the FM audio through its built-in speaker.

With a frequency range of 30MHz - 3GHz, the X Sweeper can sweep and lock onto a broad range of frequencies in a matter of seconds. The 25 button keypad allows easy access to all functions, provides a direct numerical entry for the center frequency of the sweep range to be easily selected, and easy tunes to a specific frequency in VFO mode.

The X Sweeper has 5 different modes: SWEEP, SCAN, VFO, MEMORY and LOG MEMORY

SWEEP MODE: The center frequency and sweep span may be changed by direct entry from the keypad. The 10 sweep spans are, 3GHz, 1GHz, 300MHz, 100MHz, 30MHz, 10MHz, 3MHz, 1MHz, 300kHz and 100kHz.

MEMORY MODE: The X Sweeper has 10 different memory banks with the ability to hold up to 100 different frequencies in each bank. This gives the X Sweeper 1000 unique memories and the ability to store up to 65,000 hits per frequency. Each time a signal is received it is automatically stored with a time and date stamp as well as a relative signal strength reading.

SCAN MODE: The X Sweeper will scan all frequencies in a specific bank that were previously saved while in SWEEP or VFO mode. This is a convenient way to determine if frequencies captured from an earlier session are still active.

VFO MODE: The X Sweeper may be tuned to a specific frequency in VFO mode. Frequencies may be programmed and saved to a specific memory bank for inclusion in SCAN mode. Frequencies may also be saved to MEMORY mode and locked out.

LOG MEMORY MODE: Log Memory Mode is a separate bank holding over 1900 frequencies with a unique time/date, signal strength, and latitude/longitude (with GPS option) for each frequency. This model runs in parallel with SWEEP, SCAN, and VFO modes and differs from the regular MEMORY in that it logs every frequency, even repeat occurrences, to a separate memory allowing you to keep the first 1919 frequencies or keep the last 1919 frequencies captured.

Features, • Sweeps range of 30MHz to 3GHz in one second,

• 10 different sweep spans ranging from 3GHz to 100kHz,

• 64X128 graphical display with white LED backlight,

• Built-in VFO mode for manually tuning to a specific frequency,

• Super Sensitivity: Receive two-way communications up to 1/4 mile away,

• 10 memory banks with 100 frequencies in memory for each bank,

• Record frequency, hits (65,000), time/date, signal strength,lat/long (GPS optional),

• RS232 interface for memory download,

• Real-Time Clock with battery back-up,

• Lockout up to 1000 frequencies,

• CI5 interface for Reaction Tune,

• Internal Speaker, Audio earphone/headphone jack,

• Battery operated (8 AA alkaline (included), NiCad or NiMH),

• Ideal for Homeland Security, Two Way Radio, Broadcast and more,

Technical Specifications Frequency Range,

30MHz - 3GHz (Cellular Frequencies Blocked except for FCC Approved Users, analog only)

Modulation, FM, Deviation < 100KHz,

Frequency Response, 50-3000MHz

Auto Sweep Time, <1 Second,

Input Impedance, 50 Ohm

Connector, Female BNC,

Sensitivity (typical)

100uV @ 30MHz-700MHz - 150uV @ 800MHz - 500uV @ 1GHz - 40mV @ 2.4-3GHz - Display 64 X 128 Graphical Display with white LED backlight, Inputs/Outputs, 3.5mm mono headphone jack, 2.5mm mono Reaction Tune jack, 3.5mm stereo RS232 jack

Power, 8 AA Alkaline, NiCad, or NiMH.

AC Adapter.

9-12VDC / 500mA / center positive.

Frequency Display.

7 digit with 1 kHz resolution.

Signal Strength.

50 segment bar graph, relative reading, uncalibrated

Real-Time Clock,

Internal Calibration Adjustment,

GPS Receiver (optional),

L1 (1575.42MHz) frequency, C/A code, 8 channel, continuous tracking receiver, 32 correlators,

GPS Antenna (optional),

Gain 20dBic typical, Beamwidth >120 degrees, VSWR 2.3:1.

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