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Palstar Amateur radio products
Palstar AT-5K - High Power ATU
Palstar AT-5K  - High Power ATU
Palstar Amateur radio products
Palstar AT-5K - High Power ATU
£1,249.96 (£1,041.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:Palstar AT-5K
Brand:Palstar Amateur radio products

The American made AT5K is a one-of-a-kind unique dual-function high-power tuner in the American Ham tradition. This tuner has been nick-named the "Rock Crusher" and is fast becoming the tuner of choice among "Hams" who demand the very best and most powerful antenna tuner on the market.

Features :

  • 3500 Watts single tone, high efficiency, low tuner losses and wide Z range
  • The typical unbalanced tuner with a 4:1 balun at the OUTPUT exposes the balun to a wide variety of impedance and reactance that it was never designed to handle.
  • 160m to 15m with limited Z range on 10m
  • Balanced OUTPUT with high power 5 kW TEFLON cable balun at the INPUT of tuner circuit
  • Custom large plate (600pf) variable capacitors at 6 kV
  • 10 Amp 7 kV CERAMIC 3.25" body roller inductor (35 uH) wound with #10ga plated solid copper wire
  • Silver plated wheel shaft, contact wheel and hardware
  • Six-position switchable antenna input switch with 7 Kv, 10 Amp contacts
  • Ferrite 1:1 input balun
  • Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering (1-2 sec hold) with backlighting (wall transformer supplied)
  • Chassis and top cover are .090 ga. aluminium iridite coated and top cover is powder coat finished
  • Fan cooling for extended 100% duty cycle operation
  • Dimensions: 16" wide x 8" high x 18"deep
  • Weight: 30 lbs