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Palstar Amateur radio products
Palstar BT1500A 1500 Watt balanced L antenna tuner
Palstar Amateur radio products
Palstar BT1500A 1500 Watt balanced L antenna tuner
RRP: £899.95
£859.96 (£716.63 exc. VAT)
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Product code:BT-1500A
Brand:Palstar Amateur radio products

The Palstar BT1500A is a dual-roller balanced L antenna tuner that fills the void for a matching network up to 1500 watts pep for balanced line antennas. For ease of use the BT1500 utilizes only 2 controls to operate for tuning with two direct-coupled precision ceramic roller inductors. As on all Palstar tuners the front panel and top cover are powder coated.

Carrying on in the Palstar tradition for products of the highest quality designed by Hams for Hams. The American made BT1500A tuner is no exception

So why buy a balanced tuner?
Joel Hallas described the problem many antenna tuners experience in his September 2004 QST article on balanced tuners (click here to read it). He wrote, "unfortunately, the typical random sized center-fed antenna with random length ladder line feed has an impedance at the feed point that varies dramatically with frequency. The result can be heating and loss (and occasional damage) at the balun...the classic solution has been the use of an inherently balanced tuner."

In his QST article Joel Hallas reviewed the Palstar AT1500BAL as a high-power solution for amateur enthusiasts looking for a balanced tuner. The engineers at Palstar took the AT1500BAL and reengineered the entire tuner inside and out reintroducing it as the BT1500A balanced antenna tuner. Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering

Power rating 1500 watts pep
Relay switched Hi-Z/Low-Z impedance range
Relay switched Hi-C/Low-C variable capacitor
Total inductance of 44uH for greater impedance range on 160m
Matching range: 160m - 20m (2500+/-j2500)
10m - 15m (1000+/-j1000)

Band coverage from 160m to 10m
Two silver plated ceramic body roller inductors crank handle driven
Low minimum dual capacitance variable capacitors @960pf/65pf/4.5Kv with vernier drive for smooth accurate tuning
Ferrite 1:1 input balun
Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering (1-2 sec hold) with backlighting (wall transformer supplied)
Powdercoated front panel and top cover
Dimensions: 13" wide x 6" high x 16"deep
Weight: 17 lbs