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Intek radio

INTEK MT-SM200 Transceiver Microphone

INTEK - MT-SM200Transceiver microphoneINTEK, earset mic, with flexible boom mic, earhook, with PTT key, tie clip, S type jackfor use with Intek MT-5050 - Handheld PMR radio Read more

Intek MT-5050 - Handheld PMR radio

Intek MT-5050 - Handheld PMR radioThis is brandfrom Intek, The MT-5050 UHF FM Multi-Standard PMR446 & LPD433 Handheld Transceiver radio.● 8 PMR446 and 69 LPD channels (LPD can legally be used in the UK now - Ofcom regulation IR2030 of 2006 ... Read more

Intek DRS-5070 / MT-5070 - PMR transceiver

The Intek MT-5070 is a 2-Way Radio desktop base station and can also be used as a wireless intercom system operating on the PMR446 license free band. It's desk top design makes it ideal for use at the office or in the home. It offers some unique f... Read more

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