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Used Power Supplies - Linear & Switch Mode

Used Power Supplies - Linear & Switch Mode, If you're looking for a Good Quality, Bench Power Supply too run your radio equipment or for test purposes, Take a look at our wide selection. If you cannot find what you need give us a call on 01922 414796

Second Hand AIM-TTI Instruments TSX-1820 20 Amp...

The TSX series represents the state of the art in medium output PSU design. The standard TSX versions of the series incorporate conventional analogue controls for precision with simplicity. Large diameter knobs and large paddle switches combine wi... Read more

Second Hand Diamond GSV-3000 25A Supply

Second Hand GSV-3000 Diamond 25A Supply, * Output voltage 1 - 15V DC & 13.8V Fixed * Output current 25A continuous (CE protocol) * Built-in cooling fan * Supply 230V AC 50Hz * Size 250 x 150 x 240mm * Weight 9.5kg CE version for European co... Read more

Second Hand Nissei DPS-300GL 30 Amp Linear Powe...

The Nissei DPS-300GL Power Supply, 30A TRUE LINEAR SUPPLY (NOT SWITCH-MODE) Over voltage protection Short circuit current limited Twin illuminated meters Variable voltage (2-15V) latches 13.8V 1 cigarette lighter socket 2 pair DC power sprin... Read more

Second Hand Microset PT-110 10 Amp Power Supply

Second Hand Microset PT-110 10 Amp Power Supply, Protected against falls of radiofrequency , dimensioned for a heavy work cycle are equipped with overload protection and short circuit also permanent and LPV special protection with total detachment... Read more

Second Hand Alinco DM30E 20 Amp Switch Mode Supply

Second Hand Alinco DM30E 20 Amp Switch Mode Supply, This Alinco DM-30E affordable switching power supply packs a lot of features into an ultra-compact, lightweight design that features 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 20A continuous, 30A... Read more

Second Hand SSE BJ-200 DC DC Converter

Second Hand SSE BJ-200 DC DC ConverterUsed, very hard to find items these days. Read more