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President cb radio
President Barry ASC 12/24V FM CB Mobile Radio
President Barry ASC 12/24V FM CB Mobile Radio
President cb radio
President Barry ASC 12/24V FM CB Mobile Radio
£89.95 (£74.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:240161200348
Brand:President cb radio

PRESIDENT BARRY ASC 12/24V FM CB MOBILE RADIO, President Barry mobile CB radio is a new addition to President's range. This dual voltage (12/24V) CB is a basic radio with a large clear display and operates on FM mode only on both the UK and European bands.

An ideal choice for an entry level CB radio user, who prefers to operate a radio on FM band in the UK without complicated controls.

Although this CB radio is compact and easy operational but yet packed full of special features such as Roger Beep, ANL Filter, PA, TOT, Manual Squelch and ASC etc.

It also has multi colour LCD display selection (Amber, Green and Blue) and microphone with channel change function.


* 40 Channels FM + FM (UK)

* Dual Voltage 12/24V

* Up/Down Channel Selector

* Volume Adjustment and ON/OFF

* Manual Squelch and ASC

* Multi-Functional LCD Display

* S-meter

* Public Address (PA)

* ANL Filter

* F Function Key

* Beep Function

* Roger Beep

* Mode Switch FM + FM UK

* Preset Programmable

* TOT (Time Out Timer)

* Front Microphone Socket

* External Speaker Jack



* Channels: 40

* Modulation Modes: FM + FM UK

* Frequency Range: 26.965 MHz - 27.405 MHz

* Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms

* Power Supply: 13.2V

* Dimensions H x W x D: 45 x 125 x 175mm

* Weight: 0.9kg

* Accessories supplied with: Microphone Electret and its hanger, mounting bracket with fixing screws


* Frequency Allowance: +/- 200 Hz

* Carrier Power: 4W FM

* Transmission Interference: Inferior to 4nW (- 54 dBm)

* Audio Response: 300 Hz to 3 kHz

* Emitted power in the adj. channel: Inferior to 20µW

* Microphone sensitivity: 7mV

* Drain: 1.7A (with modulation)

* Modulated Signal Distortion: 2%


* Max sensitivity at 20dB sinad: 0.35µV - 116dBm FM

* Frequency Response: 300Hz to 3kHz

* Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 60dB

* Maximum Audio Power: 3W

* Squelch Sensitivity: mini 0.2μV - 120dBm

* Maxi 1mV - 47 dBm

* Frequency Image Rejection Rate: 60dB

* Intermediate Frequency Rej. Rate: 70 dB

* Drain: 180 - 500mA (13.2V) / 100 - 300mA (26.4V)