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Radio transmitting Valves

The simplest vacuum tube, the diode, contains only a heater, a heated electron-emitting cathode (the filament itself acts as the cathode in some diodes), and a plate (anode). Current can only flow in one direction through the device between the two electrodes, as electrons emitted by the cathode travel through the tube and are collected by the anode. Adding one or more control grids within the tube allows the current between the cathode and anode to be controlled by the voltage on the grid or grids.[4] Tubes with grids can be used for many purposes, including amplification, rectification, switching, oscillation, and display.

3-500Z Amplifier valve, new and sealed box.

Replacement valve, Used in: Ameritron, AL-80BX, AL-82X and TL-922 Kenwood linear. Read more

572B for tube amplifier, T160L Valve

Brand Valve Vacuum Tube 572B for tube amplifier, Read more

6146B-8298A Valve 6146 Radio valves for ft-101/...

Replacement 6146b radio valves, Probably the most popular power amplifier tube ever.Sold singularly not as matched pairs. Read more

811A amplifier valves

The 811A Glass Tubes,Great For Your Amplifier Used worldwide, SOLD PER VALVE! Read more

12BY7A Valve Used in FT-101 SERIES

Replacement driver valve. Used in FT-101 etc. Probably worth replacing every 5 years or so as they age quite quickly. Read more