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Bonito Communication Technologies
RADIOJET-1102S Receiver 0.04-30MHz
Bonito Communication Technologies
RADIOJET-1102S Receiver 0.04-30MHz
£539.95 (£449.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:RADIOJET-1102S
Brand:Bonito Communication Technologies

The new Bonito shortwave receiver RadioJet 1102S combines innovative design with the advantages of modern computer technology. It has a frequency range of 0,04 MHz to 30 MHz with an excellent sensitivity of .03 µVolts on a noise level of -137 dBm with an extreme resolution of 144 dB at a bandwidth of 24kHz. The Noise floor is extremely low, because there are no active parts between the Antenna and the ADC.

* High Performance IF-Receiver
* 0,04 MHz - 30 MHz
* 0.03 µVolt sensitivity on a -137dBm noise floor
* Very high IP3: +29dBm (High-IP)
* 2 x 16 Bit ADC MultiChannel and 1 x 24 Bit cascaded
* 24 kHz Bandwidth
* LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo DRM
* Modern flexible User Interface
* Audio and IF recording and playback
* Integrated Frequency Database
* IF/AF Spektrumanalyzer and Oscilloscopes
* OpenSource DLL for 3rd-Party Software
* Free Online-Updates