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Radioworks Antennas,

We sell the radioworks range of antennas designed and made in the USA, Great quality products with years of experience building ham radio products, If you're looking for a quality Wire antenna for ham radio transmitting look no further than Radioworks,

CW-COMPACT-160 Radio Works Carolina Compact 160

The CW-COMPACT-160 Carolina Windom 160-6m inc WARC bands 134 feet long (40.5m)1500W cw/ssbSPECIFICATIONS:Freq. coverage: 160 - 6 meters Radiator length: Horiz. = 134' + Vertical = 22' Fold-back element 18' drop Polarization: Both vertical and h... Read more

CW-160 Radio Works Carolina 160

The CW-160 ideal all-band antenna that gives DX performance on the low frequency bands. Optimum coax feeder length is 21.3m (70ft) or 50m (166ft) (if using an internal ATU). Can also be used as an inverted V or a sloped. Gain as high as 10dBd is a... Read more

CW-COMPACT-80 RadioWorks Carolina Compact 80

The CW-COMPACT-80 RadioWorks Carolina Compact 80, 80-6m inc WARC bands 69 feet long (21.1m)1500W cw/ssbSPECIFICATIONS:Freq. coverage: 80 - 6 meters Gain: As much as 10 dBd* Radiator length: Horiz. = 69' + Vertical = 22' Foldback element 15' dro... Read more

CWS-160 RadioWorks Carolina Windom 160 Special

The CWS-160 160m ham radio band is enjoying a resurgence of activity and the DX opportunities are better than ever before. But until now, installing an efficient dipole meant having a lot of garden space. The Carolina Windom 160 Special halves the... Read more

Radio Works CW-80 Carolina Windom 80 wire.

The CW-80 RadioWorks Carolina Windom 80, The size of this antenna makes it ideal for many gardens and its DX potential will ad at least an S-point to your signal on most occasions. The secret is in the vertical section which offers excellent low a... Read more

CW-40 plus Radio Works Carolina 40

The CW-40 plus Radio Works Carolina Windom 40-10m. CAROLINA WINDOM 40 PLUS, This antenna provides improved performance on 80, 40 and 20 meters with a sacrifice in radiation pattern takeoff angle on the higher bands. For best all band performance o... Read more

CW-COMPACT-40 Radio Works Carolina Compact 40

The CW-COMPACT-40 Carolina Windom 40-6m inc WARC bands 34 feet long (10.36m)1500W CW/SSBSPECIFICATIONS:Freq. coverage: 40 - 6 meters Gain: As much as 10 dBd* Radiator length: Horiz. = 34' + Vertical = 10' Foldback element 10' drop Polarization:... Read more

SL-80 RadioWorks Super Loop 80 antenna,

The Super Loop 80 antenna is a high performance, full size, full wave, 80m loop antenna. On 40m it is a 2x wave length open loop or Bi-Square. The stub in the top leg of the antenna opens the loop when operating on 40m and selected other bands. Th... Read more

SH-40 RadioWorks Carolina Short 40-10m antenna ...

The SHORT-40 Radio Works Carolina Short 40-10m, The Carolina Beam 40 has three vertical radiators properly spaced out to produce low-angle, beam like performance. The horizontal portion of the antenna interconnects the three vertical sections and ... Read more

CW-40 RadioWorks Caro-lina 40

The CW-40 RadioWorks Caro-lina Windom 40 Covering six bands, yet only requiring 20.1m (66ft) of space, this antenna is one of our most popular models. The vertical section offers excellent low angle radiation and offers some useful DX opportunitie... Read more

CW-80 LP RadioWorks Carolina Windom 80 (LP)

CW-80 LP Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 (LP) Carolina Windom (CW-80LP) * 80 - 10m * Gain, low angle: 5 - 10dB * Length: 40.5m (133ft) * Feeder: 50 Ohms * Matching: Balun/Line isolator * Transmatch: Required * SWR: Low * Power: 600W * Ins... Read more

CW-20 RadioWorks Carolina 20

The CW-20 RadioWorks Carolina Windom 20,With the Carolina Windom 20 the size comes down to a very easily accommodated 10.36m (34ft) and yet you get 5-band coverage. It has an ideal radiation pattern and an unusually low angle of radiation, making ... Read more

SL-40 RadioWorks Super Loop 40

The SuperLoop 40 antenna uses the same outstanding technology as the SuperLoop 80. This is a high performance, full size, full wave, 40m loop antenna. On 20m it is a 2x wave length open loop or Bi-Square. The stub in the top leg of the antenna ope... Read more

CW-40 LP RadioWorks Carolina 40 (LP)

CW-40 LP RadioWorks Carolina Windom 40 (LP) Carolina Windom (CW-40LP) * 40 - 10m * Gain, low angle: 5 - 10dB * Length: 20.1m (66ft) * Feeder: 50 Ohms * Matching: Balun/Line isolator * Transmatch: Required * SWR: Low * Power: 600W * Instal... Read more

CW-620 Radio Works Carolina

The CW-620 Radio Works Carolina Windom,With the Carolina Windom 620 the size comes down to a very easily accommodated 10.36m (34ft) and yet you get excellent 3-band coverage on 20, 15 & 10m and a compromised coverage on 17, 12 & 6m. It has... Read more

CWS-80 Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 Special a...

The CWS-80 RadioWorks Carolina Windom 80 Special antenna, Surely the answer to many hams antenna problem, a design that fits into the average garden yet covers all the popular HF bands. Because the radiator is only a quarter wave on 80m, your sign... Read more

G5RV-PLUS RadioWorks 80-10m + WARC antenna,

The G5RV-PLUS antenna * 80-10m + 30,17,12m The original G5RV is an efficient, all band antenna. It is shorter than a full size 80m antenna. This makes it appealing to those who have limited space, and is particularly popular in the UK. The Radio W... Read more

REM-BAL (REMOTE BALUN) Radio Works 1.5kW 4:1 Re...

The REM-BAL is a 4:1 current type balun and is ideal for open wire to coax interfacing, especially external to the operating position. Unlike voltage balun, current type balun maintain output balance over a wide range of loads. Can be used with a ... Read more

B4-2K Radio Works 1.5kW 4:1 Balun

The B4-2K 4:1 voltage balun is ideal for folded dipoles, delta loops or other medium impedance balance antennas where ATUs are not required. * Voltage type * Ratio 4:1 * 50 Ohms * Freq. 3.5-30MHz * Power 1.5kW * Socket SO-239 * Eye bolt fasteners ... Read more

T-4-PLUS Radio Works 2kW 1:1 Line Isolator,

The T-4-Plus Line Isolator has been designed so that it can easily replace other Line Isolators. The isolation factor is nearly 150% of the original values available in early models, and the leakage path has been practically eliminated.* Current t... Read more

T-4GPLUS Radio Works 2kW 1:1 Grounded Line Isol...

The T-4GPLUS Radio Works 2kW 1:1 Grounded Line Isolator is the grounded version of the T-4. The T-4PLUS should be installed directly at a properly installed ground rod, or other station ground system. If you are using a vertical antenna, it should... Read more

Radioworks 5kW 1:1 Yagi Balun Y1.5K Plus

The Y1.5KPlus This precision built, high performance Yagi Balun is ideal for use with all directly fed Yagi antennas (but not those that already have balun or Gamma matches).Installation of the balun can improve front-to-back ratio and improve dir... Read more

T-4-500 Radio Works 500W 1:1 Line Isolator

The T-4-500 Line Isolator compliments the line of Radio Works current Balun. Built to a high standard, the sockets are in fact silver plated with gold plated centre connection with PTFE insulation. Suitable for ham and professional applications wh... Read more

B1-2K Plus 1.5 kW, 1:1, Current-Type Balun

The B1-2KPLUS balun is designed for dipoles, inverted V antennas, and similar 50 Ohm feed designs. * Current type * Ratio 1:1* Impedance 50 Ohms * Bandwidth 3.5 - 30MHz * Power 1.5kW * Socket SO-239 * Eye bolt fasteners * Size 58 x 203mm Read more