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Welcome to the Radioworld uk Amateur radio Antenna page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Radioworld uk forum Like antennas,coax, plugs, antenna mounting poles, and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio gear sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in ham radio design.

Economy FIG 8 speaker cable

Colour - WhitePolarity - BlackCurrent max. - 1.0ACSA - 0.22mm2 Dimensions - 2.0 X 4.0mmLength - 100m Read more

W-6 6in Wall Stand-off Bracket - with U Bolts

The W-6 6in Wall Stand-off Bracket * Stand off wall bracket * Overall length 15.24cm (6in) * Galvanised * Up to 2.54cm (1in) mast Stand-off measurement taken from centre of U-bolt 11.43cm (4.5in). Read more

D Shape Earpiece Ptt + Lapel Mic

Soft, skin friendly D shape earpiece with inline PTT. Kelvar reinforced suitable for many applications including security personnel. Read more


joint for 2 x 1.25 INCH MAST COUPLER WITH 6 BOLTS. Read more

Lampa 1 Usb port charger - 2400 mA - 12/24V

Lampa 1 Usb port charger - 2400 mA - 12/24V WhiteThis 2.4A USB charger plugs straight into vehicles cigarette lighter socket and allows you to charge i-phones, smart phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and other devices which require USB socket ... Read more

9016 Universal Clamp Antenna boom to mast clamp

Antenna boom to mast clamp, 9016 Universal Clamp 2.54cm (1in) boom to 2.54 -5.08cm (1-2in) mast.Or vertical to horizontal mast bracket, Read more

RP-BNC-J Female to SMA-J Male RG316 Coaxial Cab...

The antenna adapter will connect your phone to the antenna to provide better reception in no signal areas. RP-BNC-J Female Flat Angle to SMA-J RG316 Straight Connector Adapter. Female RP-BNC-J to SMA-J Male RG316 connector RF antenna adapter cable... Read more

Mercury AA Size NIMH Battery 280maH 4PC/PK

Heavy duty nickel metal hydride AA size batteries, increasingly preferred by users as they don't have the memory effect associated with nickel cadmium batteriesCapacity - 280mAh, supplied in pack of 4 Read more

PL-259 Right angled Plug - RG-58

Right angled Plug UHF MALE right angle cable connector. This allows you to fit your own RG-58 to make 90 degree, Read more

Iambic Keyer Lead Plug Various Sizes

Iambic paddle keyer connection lead Available with 1/8 (3.25mm) or 1/4 (6.3mm) Jack inputs to suit most radio inputs, 1 Metre long shielded cable. Will also fit normal pump keys. Red=TipWhite=RingBlack=Common Read more

Amalgamating Tape

A very useful derivative of insulating tape which can be used for waterproofing connections. To use, the top protective layer is peeled off and the rubbery self-amalgamating tape underneath is wrapped tightly around the connection to be waterproof... Read more

Radioworld 50 ohm Dipole insulator Center

* A centre piece insulator for dipoles* 50 Ohm SO-239 screw socket* Element crimps and strain holes* Width 92mm * Weight 50gWORKS WELL WITH ECW, Watson 50m Enamelled Copper Wire Read more

SMA chassis mount

Connector,coaxial,RF,SMA,stub contact,50 Ohm,non captive contact, for chassis mounting   Read more

Antenna pole to pole Universal Clamp

The Antenna pole to pole Universal Clamp - 9891 Universal Clamp * 25.4 - 38.1mm (1 - 1.25in) boom to 25.4 - 51mm (1-2in) mast. Read more

DPC-38 Straight Dipole Centre - 2x 3/8th Inch M...

The DPC-38 Straight Dipole Centre - 2x 3/8th Inch Mobile Threads. Low cost adaptor to turn 2 Mobile Whips into a dipole. Straight dipole centre with 2 x 3/8th inch mobile threads. 1x SO-239. Read more

High Quality SO239 Female to SMA Male Connector...

High Quality SO239 Female to SMA Male Connector Adaptor, Designed for 50 Ohm. Read more

BL-8 GP15A Minions VB 0,16 Alkaline Battery

Blister, 8 Pcs GP15A, Alkaline Super Batteries.Type AA, LR6, E91, MN1500, Minion. Read more


1 Pair of Carbon finish banana plugs for power supplies etc.Wire is secured with two screws for excellent connectivity. Read more

PL-259 Patch Lead 50cm Long 50 Ohm Coax

The PL-259 to PL-259 Patch Lead 50cm Long 50 Ohm Coax, A budget patch lead 50cm long 50 Ohm coax . Ideal for routine connections up to 30MHz and also ideal for CB use. Dont forget, patch leads are handy items to have on hand. Read more

BNC Patch Lead 50cm Long 50 Ohm Coax

BNC-BNC patch lead 50cm long 50 Ohm coax . Ideal for routine connections for scanner + preamp use. Don’t forget, patch leads are handy items to have on hand. Read more

WDC-G5 Centre piece for G5RV SO-239 to ribbon wire

Designed to connect the balanced 300 Ohm feeder often used with the G5RV antenna to a coax feed. The The 300 Ohm goes in one end and at the other end is an SO-239 socket for the coax feeder back to the transceiver. Read more

Service Work, Fitting Plugs Onto Cable

Service Work Of Transmission Modifications, this is added by radioworld staff only for fitting plugs onto cable, S The £5.00 Charge (£4.17 + VAT) is charged per plug!).In the case of microphones, please tell us which radio it is for, and add the... Read more

ST-1 Static Protector SO239 to PL259

This is a SO239 to PL259 adapter with a connection for an earth wire. It does not have a fuse as with other more expensive protectors. Key Features:DC-2500MHz VSWR 1.1:1Sockets : SO239 to PL259Power : 2000W Read more

cigarette lighter Plug 3A Fuse and Power LED light

A plug for connecting car accessories to the vehicle’s 12-volt supply via the cigarette lighter socket. The plug has a continuous current rating of 2A (3A at 12V) and a maximum short term rating of 10A, These plugs require a soldered connectionC... Read more