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RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer

RF-Explorer 6G Combo - Spectrum Analyser

The RF Explorer is a handheld digital spectrum analyzer, a very affordable tool for work in all popular frequency bands. It is based on a highly integrated frequency synthesizer and double balanced mixer which offers high performance, compact size... Read more

RF Explorer WifiMETRIX Wi-Fi networks analyzer

WifiMETRIX is a new diagnostic tool used to analyze and test Wi-Fi networks. It is a new type of diagnostic tool that uses a dual-band 802.11 (i.e. Wi-Fi) chip to monitor and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. WifiMETRIX is a handheld device that operat... Read more

RF Explorer WSUB1G+ Spectrum Analyser

The RF Explorer WSUB1G+ is a powerful, high performance digital spectrum analyzer covering the 1GHz frequency range starting at 50KHz. It is a very affordable solution replacing base model WSUB1G with additional features, capabilities and frequenc... Read more

Power Limiter for RF-Explorer

The RF Explorer Power Limiter is a custom device designed from scratch to be the perfect protection against strong RF fields. As you can see on this note all RF Explorer models have some power ranges for input signal beyond which can be damaged. F... Read more

RF Explorer Protection Boot Case

The RF Explorer protection boot is a custom designed, high quality flexible silicone rubber shield to save your device from scratches, dings, or other nicks caused by dropping and other mishaps. The material is strong enough to withstand this type... Read more