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SBS-3/Airnav Radar box

Welcome to the SBS-3 and Airnav Radarbox page. Here, you'll find links for SBS-3 and Airnav Radar box Accessories covering airband hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the SBS-3 and Airnav Radarbox forums. From radarbox antennas,and more are here for future reference.Radar antennas ,wall brackets,antenna switches,antenna masts,coax cable and more,

RADAR-INT Spare indoor aerial for AirNav RadarBox

Radar box replacement antenna, RADAR-INT spare indoor magmount antenna for RADARBOX. Read more

RADAR-BEAM External beam antenna for RadarBox 4...

Especially for reception of the ADS-B/Mode-S aircraft beacon we are offering this special antenna which is designed to be pointed at the source of the signal for maximum reception.The antenna comes complete with clamps for mast mounting. This dire... Read more

Radioworld Radar Rama External Antenna for Rada...

This antenna is designed to be used for the reception of Radar Mode-S and ADS-B signals on 1090MHz. It is an ideal external antenna for AirNav Systems RadarBox and Kinetics SBS seriesKey Features/Specifications:Type: Radar Rama antennaGain 5.0 dBi... Read more

AirNav RadarBox Pro

The RadarBox-Pro is on limited offer, The world's best selling and most advanced Real Time Virtual Radar. Can be upgraded to 3D version. The only one to offer world network sharingAirNav RadarBox is the closest you can be to real world aviation w... Read more


Superb directional yagi antenna - perfect for the AirNav radar box or any SBS series receivers. Ready assembled just point and go (requires cable)Key Features/Specifications:Frequency: 1090MHzGain: 16dBVSWR: 1.5:1 or betterImpedance: 50 OhmMax Pow... Read more

Radar-110 Single Band Vertical Co-linear Freque...

Make a difference, improve your signal from your AirNav Radar Box or Kinetic SBS Virtual Radar!Key Features:Type: Vertical Super Gainer Co-linear Antenna Frequency: RX 1090MHz Gain: 6.5dBdLength: 120cmRadials: NoneMast: Upto 51mm(2")Connection: Hi... Read more

RADAR-AMP Low noise 1096MHz mast head pre-amp f...

RADAR-AMP Low noise 1096MHz mast head pre-amp for RadarBox 12dB gain c/w Bias Tee,cable to receiver & PSUSuitable for Airnav and SBS-1 systems. Read more

Airnav ACARS Decoder

AirNav ACARS Decoder is by far the world's most successful ACARS Decoder currently available.With years of experience, AirNav Systems has developed the AirNav ACARS Decoder, a product with extreme performance (low messages loss), with all the feat... Read more

RadarBox 3D Upgrade - Google Earth overlay with...

RadarBox 3D, This will add Google Earth as a map overlay and in addition, the3D picture library will display the selected aircraft. You will see the image of the aircraft flying above the earth's surface. This opens up a completelyand exciting dis... Read more

AirNav RadarBox 3D

The RadarBox 3d is on limited offer, The closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation Radar decoding. By decoding ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) radar signals, you will be able ... Read more

RADAR-COM-10 RADAR-EXTENDER Antenna, A12-1090, ...

RADAR-COM-10 RADAR-EXTENDER Antenna, A12-1090, BT-12, all necessary coax leads 10m Complete antenna system in case you already have the radar Box and only need an antenna with pre amplifier and cables. Includes antenna, pre-amp and all required ca... Read more

RADAR-COM-20 RADAR-EXTENDER Antenna, A12-1090, ...

Radar-com-20 Radar-extender Antenna, A12-1090, Bt-12, All Necessary Coax Leads 20m Complete Antenna System in Case You Already Have the Radar Box and Only Need an Antenna With Pre Amplifier and Cables. Includes Antenna, Pre-amp and All Required Ca... Read more

Airnav Shiptrax-Pro Ship Tracking application

The Airnav Shiptrax-ProShip Tracking application, AirNav ShipTrax is the most advanced Windows based Ship Tracking application. By receiving ship data from various sources (AIS, TCP/IP, AIS Networks) you will be able to track ships all over the wo... Read more

Airnav Shiptrax-3D mapping systems

The Airnav Shiptrax-3D mapping systems, AirNav ShipTrax is the most advanced Windows based Ship Tracking application. By receiving ship data from various sources (AIS, TCP/IP, AIS Networks) you will be able to track ships all over the world in rea... Read more

SBS-3 radar box ADS-B / AIS / Marine band / Air...

SBS-3 radar box ADS-B / AIS / Marine band / Air bands (VHF and UHF) Multi-Device - Multi-Band - Multi Channel Software Defined Radio Receiver / DecoderKinetic are proud to announce the SBS-3, a unique and revolutionary product, built on the herit... Read more