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Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand Icom IC-R20 Multimode Receiver FMW/FM/AM/LSB/USB
Second Hand Radio equipment
Second Hand Icom IC-R20 Multimode Receiver FMW/FM/AM/LSB/USB
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Product code:SH-ICR20
Brand:Second Hand Radio equipment

The Icom IC-R20 wide-band, all mode handheld scanner from Icom is the Expert\'s Scanner. It is loaded with many features such as an ultra fast 100ch/sec scanning speed, 1250 alphanumeric memories, built-in 32MB IC recorder, dualwatch frequency capability. It covers a wacking 0.150 to 3305MHz frequency range, you can listen to FM, AM broadcasts, TV audio, ham radio, Marine, Airband, CB and other utility communications. It has a useful bandscope function as well as PC cloning cability. If you are considering a top-of-the-range scanner, then go for the IC-R20.

* Frequency coverage 0.15 - 3304.999MHz


* Tuning steps 0.01, 0.1, 5, 6.25, 8.33, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100kHz

* 1,250 alphanumeric memories * Scanning speed 100ch/sec

* Multiple scan modes * Dual watch

* Bandscope (bandwidth 1 - 100kHz)

* CTCSS & DTCS tone squelch function

* Built-in 32MB IC recorder (up to 260 minutes)

* CI-V compatibility (option)

* Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcasts

* Sensitivity - dependent on band & mode

* Built-in attenuator & RF control

* Auto Frequency Control (AFC)* Noise blanker & Auto Noise Limiter * Voice Squelch Control (VSC) * 120mW audio (8 Ohms)

* Supply 6.0V DC

* BP-206 or 3xAA alkaline cells

* Current at 3.7V DC - Max audio 150mA (backlight off), Standby 100mA (backlight off), Power save 35mA typically

* Size 60 x 142 x 34.8mm

* Weight 320g

* Includes Telescopic antenna, belt clip, battery spacer, hand strap, battery pack (BP-206) and AC adaptor