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SHARMAN radio products

Welcome to the SHARMAN radio products page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas, Cb radio, ham radio, power supplies, In addition, specific models mentioned in the CB Radio - Ham radio forums Like antennas, 12v Power supplies ,CB radio, and more are here for future reference. SHARMAN radio products sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in SHARMAN products design.


A very robust and high quality throat microphone designed to function in high noise environments; the microphone transducers can be positioned on both sides of the neck thus ensuring good transmission.This is designed to fit all radios that use th... Read more

Aircontrol M8 Airband & Multiband Radio Scanner

Multi-band radio receiver covering normal FM radio frequencies as well as special frequencies such as Airband, CB, Taxi, TV etc. Please note: There are no LED indicators on this radio as stated in the instruction manual.Supplied with rubber duck a... Read more

Roadtek Modified SINE Wave Power Inverter 150W ...

Roadtek's newly designed, compact and lightweight 150W 24V modified sine wave power inverter with a Universal outlet socket, suitable for 3 pin UK and 2 Pin European plugs. It also has a USB port, which allows you to power and charge USB enabled d... Read more

HS100 Motorcycle Headset ( 1 Earbud )

HS100 Motorcycle Headset The Easy to Use HS-100 Motorcycle Headset. * Fits most popular makes of radio * Twin moulded plug design for ptt / speaker * Includes velcro strap on push to talk switch * Made to fit full face helmet, detachabl... Read more


SCORPION GPA1/2 WAVE CB HYGAIN BASE ANTENNA - SILVER ROD, Styled on the original “Hy-Gain Silver Rod” this is a heavy duty 1/2 wave home base antenna with three straight radials and also includes on top an anti-static discharge cage. Technica... Read more

Sharmans Multicom Multi-Scan Scanner Antenna 25...

A wide band base station scanner antenna that is much easier to install than any discone type antenna. Consisting of a short fibreglass rod, it is just as effective as a discone antenna covering 25-1300 MHz. Read more

CTTR Headset With Boom Microphone & PPT Wired F...

CTTR Headset With Boom Microphone & PPT Wired For IC-706Prewired for the IC-706, with PPT switch and boom microphone! Read more

CT Pro Headset With Boom Microphone & PPT

Headset With Boom Microphone & PPTWill need to be wired for a radio of your choice! Read more

Sharmans SWR-30 Dual Band SWR Meter

Sharman SWR-30 Dual Band VHF / UHF SWR Meter. Read more


The SHARMAN DL-30A DUMMY LOAD 15W AVG, 100W PEAK, DC-500MHZ. Read more


CB RADIO BASE SUPER D CENTRE FED DIPOLE BASE ANTENNA, A very simple installation home base antenna constructed from two aluminium telescopic radiators extending to 9ft approximately each, with centre fed bracket. Read more

Antenna STEEL POLE 6' X 1.25'' SWAGED slotting ...

Heavy gauge 1.25” diameter steel mast, swaged at one end to allow slotting together of two or more sections for extra height. Read more

Sharman SM-3 Fixed 13.8V, 3/5AMP Switch Mode Po...

The Sharman SM-3 is a slim and compact switch mode power supply. It converts 240V AC to 12V DC and has special features such as high efficency, reliability and light weight design. It also has current limiting and short circuit protection.Technica... Read more

SHARMAN NR-770R 2/70 Antenna

The SHARMAN NR-770R 2/70 Antenna, High performance dual-band mobile antenna with a slim centre loading coil, pre-tuned for the 2m/70cms ham bands, made to the high standard of all Sharman HAM antennae. Technical Specifications: Type of Antenna 5/8... Read more


A powerful ratchet crimping tool for crimping BNC, TNC, etc connectors to RG58, RG59, and RG62V cables, and the pin to the centre core. Read more

Eagle Complete Solder Station With Iron And Solder

A high quality mains powered soldering iron kit consisting of a soldering iron with a practical stand, solder pump, 10g of solder wire and a very useful 'Helping Hand' piece of equipment.The iron itself is constructed with an extra flexible case f... Read more

MAG-BM145PL mag-mount fitted with PL-259 plug a...

A six inch mag-mount fitted with PL-259 plug, MAG-BM145PL with SO-239 socket. Read more


A die-cast heavy duty 2 position antenna switch, especially designed for wide band use.Technical Specifications: Frequency - up to 600MHz, VSWR - >1.2:1, Max Power - 1KW, Impedance - 50ohm, Connectors - SO239 UHF socket. Read more

Sharman RH770 Centre Loaded Telescopic Antenna ...

Extremely high quality 10 section telescopic centre loaded antenna designed to transmit on 144/430MHz, and receive wide band up to 1300MHz.The long length allows for very good signal gain figure of up to 5dB. Technical Specifications:Type of Anten... Read more

JIM PSU-101 MK5 Handheld Scanner Stand with Bui...

JIM PSU-101 MK5 Handheld Scanner Stand with Built in PSUDesigned for handheld transceivers and scanners, Built in PSU is ideal for any small shack and display! DC OUT POLARITY IS 9 VOLT NEGATIVE (-) CENTER! Read more

MP-JH-804-M microphone and covert earpiece for ...

This 2 wire microphone kit features a PTT with mic and an acoustic tube earpiece.Comes with fitment for Motorola 2-pin radios Read more

MP-JH-804-KK microphone and covert earpiece for...

Kenwood 2 pin wired microphone acoustic tube earpiece. Comes with the Kenwood 2-pin plug fitment PTT with microphone Read more

MP-JH-804-SS microphone and covert earpiece for...

This 2 wire microphone kit features a PTT with mic and an acoustic tube earpiece.Comes with the Icom / Yaesu 2-pin plug fitment Read more

HT-336C Crimping Tool For Crimping BNC, TNC, F ...

Product SpecificationsPowerful ratchet crimping tool for crimping BNC, TNC, F connectors etc. to RG6, RG58, RG59 and RG62 cables, and the pin to the centre core. Cushioned plastic grips and ratchet release lever.Crimping Capacity- .256" / .319" / ... Read more