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SHARMAN radio products

Welcome to the SHARMAN radio products page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas, Cb radio, ham radio, power supplies, In addition, specific models mentioned in the CB Radio - Ham radio forums Like antennas, 12v Power supplies ,CB radio, and more are here for future reference. SHARMAN radio products sold here, we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in SHARMAN products design.


3/8 SW QUICK DISCONNECT BAYONET, KD-1 DELUXE QUALITY, A short heavy duty disconnect bayonet with 2 locking pins, made for heavier antennae and longer life span. Read more

Universal Bracket Designed for Most Ham, CB and...

A popular mounting bracket for most types of radio transceivers, it is fully adjustable.Max width 210mm Min width 134mm. Designed for most CB, Ham & Taxi Radios! Read more

Curly Microphone Cable 6 Pin-SHARMAN'S MPA-6-10

SHARMAN'S MPA-6-10 - Curly microphone Lead 3-metre 6-core, 6 core (5 + 1 screen) deluxe matt black rubberised microphone lead which tends to be flexible when stretched, thus least likely to break internally. Length: 3-metre Read more

N-Type Male Plug For RG-8mini Coax Cable - CON-...

"N" Type Male plug for RG8 Mini Coax Cable, Works with 50 Ohm Coax Cable Read more

Sharmans Tilt Over 3/8th Mount Base

Fold-over antenna adaptor that is adjustable through 90º, ideal for tilting antenna to avoid damage by low overhanging obstructions. Read more

Sharmans EP-2 Hang-On Dynamic Earphone

Alternative earphone speaker with specifications as EP-1R, but instead fitted with a mono 2.5mm right angled plug at end of lead. This model is compatible with most Kenwood type radios that have 2.5mm speaker socket. Technical Specifications: Impe... Read more

Sharman 142AD heavy duty surface mount for 3/8 ...

Heavy duty roof and flat surface mount. Designed to mount on roof, wing, or trunk etc. of cars, vans, trucks,etc. Accepts standard 3/8” x 24 thread antenna. Read more

SMA female to BNC female adapter

Reverse SMA to BNC female adapter, Ideal for use with budget chinese handheld transceivers so you can plug bnc antennas onto them. Read more


SHARMAN'S PMRC2 PMR POWER CORD FOR KW/MX/ICOM F1010 Heavy duty 16 gauge DC power cord with T type white nylon connector, terminating to simple cut end. Suitable for Maxon PM100 series, Icom F1010series,and Kenwood series PMR transceivers. Read more


CON-F387FA-5, Ideal for connecting your FM radio to an external Arial through your Jack plug on your radio. Read more

CB5 Power Lead Midland DC Cord 2-Pin For Midlan...

Heavy duty 20 gauge DC power cord with 2pin moulded connector, complete with fuse holder and 2amp fuse. Suitable for Midland Alan48/78. CB transceivers. Read more

DSC-239 Double ended SO-239 Chassis Socket

DSC-239 Double ended SO-239 Chassis Socket. Read more

Small 50cm Patch Lead with PL-259 Plugs

Small 50cm Patch Lead with PL-259 Plugs Convenient connection cable with molded PL259 plug soldered at each end. For connection of swr meter etc. in-line between antenna and transceiver. Length approx. 50cm Read more

SMA-SMA Adaptor SMA Socket to SMA Socket

SMA-SMA Adaptor SMA Socket to SMA Socket Adaptor SMA Socket to SMA Socket Read more


Mini UHF to SO-239 adaptor. TNC Plug to SO-239 Socket Adaptor. Read more

BNC Male Plug for RG-8mini Coax Cable - CON-AT...

BNC Male Plug for RG-8mini Coax Cable, Designed to work with 50 Ohm Coax cable. Bnc plug to fit mini-8 coax cable, Read more

NC-560/M358 T Connector Female/Male/Female

NC-560/M358 T Connector Female/Male/Female Read more

SW VBL18 Quick Disconnect Bullet Lead

A quick and convenient way of providing non-reversible power cable for all transceivers. Read more

MH-3 Black Adhesive Microphone Clip

Microphone bracket, Ideal for in car use no need to screw into a surface. Read more


ALLIGATOR CLIPS (RED/BLACK PAIR) Ideal for quick temporary connection of equipment to power supply terminals, supplied as a pair (Red/Black). Read more


All brass 3/8” x 24 thread stud mount which accepts PL259 connection from the bottom. Read more

MAG-MRB - Medium rubber boot for 6" Midi magmo...

Medium rubber boot for 6" Midi mag mounts BM145 or similar, 6.25" overall diameter anti-scratch rubber boot for medium size magnet mounts. Read more

MAG-LRB - Large rubber boot 6.75" for large mag...

MAG-LRB - Large rubber boot 6.75" for large magmount 7” overall diameter anti-scratch rubber boot for large size magnet mounts Read more