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The antennas have an very high f/b ratio because of the use of 8 reflectors. This is in particular important for high-gain yagis: even the highest gain gets useless if unwanted signals or interferences are being received from the back side of the antenna. Eme or sat freaks enjoy our antennas due to the low backward noise scatter (from the surface of the earth). All nuts, bolts and washers are manufactured of stainless steel. For those antennas with support strut also the mast clamp itself is made of stainless steel (where else do you find this?). The antennas are delivered pre-mounted with all elements already in place. They can be assembled in about 10 minutes; you don't have to read the manual (which is provided of course...) and it does not take an engineering approach to install the antenna.

SHF-2367 | SHF Design | 23cm 67 element| Yagi |...

SHF-2367 SHF Design 23cm 67 element Yagi * Frequency 1240 - 1300 MHz * Gain ISO 22 Db * Gain dBd 19.9 * Power 400W (PEP) * Front-to-back 27 * VSWR 1.2 (typical) * Elements 67 * Connector N-socket (female) * Stacking distance 751mm * Boom length 5.... Read more

SHF-2344 | SHF Design | 23cm 44-element Yagi | ...

Shf-2344 shf design 23cm 44-element yagi, * frequency 1240 - 1300 mhz * gain iso 20.2db * gain dbd 18.1 * power 400w (pep) * front-to-back 26 * vswr 1.2 (typical) * elements 44 * connector n-socket (female) * stacking distance 751mm * boom length ... Read more