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Sirio Antennas

Welcome to the Sirio Antennas products page. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like vertical antennas,CB Radio antennas, PMR, and more are here for future reference. Sirio Antennas sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in Sirio Antennas design.

Sirio CX-4 (4m) Base Station Antenna

Base station antenna, Mono-band • Low-gain, Omnidirectional • Factory tunable according to specific customer's frequency • Protection from static discharges DC-Ground • Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832 • UP-GRADE: working frequency ext... Read more

Sirio SB-3M Marine VHF Antenna

A very rugged 3/4 wave marine antenna for VHF marine frequencies 156-163 MHz, it is universal mounting because the white nylon ratchet mount can mount on the deck or on the side of cabin wall.Comes with white un-terminated cable Technical Specific... Read more


The SIRIO CX160 is a 3/4 wave VHF base antenna constructed from high grade aluminium tubing and nylon to give it robustness, and supplied with a solid steel bracket for an easy and safe installation.It is pre-tuned for the 160-164 MHz VHF band, bu... Read more

Sirio Performer 5000 Mobile CB Antenna With Lig...

New Sirio Performer 5000 CB and 10M trucker antenna with unique LED PCB that lights up when transmitting.Main Features:* Tuneable from 27 to 30MHz* LED PCB lights up when transmit* CB and 10M Trucker antenna* 17/7 PH tapered stainless steel whip* ... Read more

Sirio Starduster M-400 CB RADIO ANTENNA

Sirio Starduster M-400, Aversion of the classic "starduster" style antenna.Designed to sit on top of a 1.5-2" mast, alternatively you can use a FT-2 adapter bracket to mount it on any other size mast.CB & 10m Base station antenna Omnidirec... Read more

Sirio MD118-137 Aviation Antenna 118-137MHZ

The Sirio MD118-137 Aviation Antenna 118-137MHZ, Dipole 1/2 with loaded radial covering the frequency range of 118-137 MHz for aeronautical band. The whip is made of black chromed stainless steel and all the metallic components are of brass or ste... Read more

Sirio SB3 S/18 VHF Marine 3/4 Wave Antenna

A 3/4 wave marine antenna designed for use without a ground plane.Features: – Marine antenna, Mono-band– Low-gain, Omni directional– Designed to work without Ground Plane– Protection from static discharges DC-Ground– Perfect protection a... Read more

Sirio T3-27MAG

FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS:- CB Mobile antenna - Tunable acting on the whip length - 17/7 PH tapered stainless steel whip - 180° inclination and adjustable whip, detachable for car-wash - Suitable for magnetic mount ELECTRICAL DATA:- ... Read more

Sirio CX152U Antenna VHF Base, 3/4 Wave Coax J-...

FEATURES: - Base station antenna, Mono-band- Low-gain, Omnidirectional - Protection from static discharges DC-Ground- Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832ELECTRICAL DATA:- Type: 3/4λ coaxial J-pole - Frequency range SWR ≤ 1.5: CX 140 U/N: 140-144... Read more

Sirio GPS27 1/2 CB Antenna SILVER ROD

Pre-tuned, Omnidirectional, 1/2 wave CB base antenna. - CB Base station antenna, Omnidirectional - Factory tuned at mid-band - Low radiation angle for excellent DX - Coil protected by transparent cover - Whip equipped whit waterproof jointing slee... Read more

Sirio GPE27 5/8 CB Antenna - SILVER ROD

The Sirio GPE27 5/8 CB Antenna - SILVER ROD, Pre-tuned, Omnidirectional, 5/8 wave CB base antenna.Features:- CB Base station antenna, Omnidirectional - Factory tuned at mid-band - Low radiation angle for excellent DX - Coil protected by transparen... Read more

Sirio Boomerang 27W Mini Balcony Antenna

SIRIO BOOMERANG 27W MINI BALCONY ANTENNA, A shortened version of the Boomerang 27A, but supplied with a 5/8 wave helical wound fibreglass whip instead of aluminium whip. All specifications as Boomerang 27A except length now 1.90m Technical Specifi... Read more


The Sirio Performer P5000 PL is designed for high power applications. It has a detachable whip so it can be quickly removed if required. Features:- CB & 10m Mobile antennas - Very High power handling capability - Tunable from 27 to 28.5 MH... Read more

Sirio Signal Keeper CB Antenna

Sirio SIGNAL KEEPER P/N 2101301.00Features: Base station antenna Omnidirectional, Compact dimensions Factory tuned at mid-band Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832 Side mast mounting allowed by optional bracket FT-2 code 2510004.00Part Numb... Read more


The SIRIO BASE ANTENNA 400-470MHz, A top quality 1/4wave + 1/2wave colinear base antenna suitable for ham and Land Mobile frequencies within the 400-470 MHz band.The whip is made of 17/7 PH stainless steel with an open coil spring incorporated nea... Read more

Sirio GP3E 140 MHz - 175 MHz VHF / taxi Base An...

Features:– Base station antenna, Omnidirectional– Low-gain, Mono-band– Suitable for land and marine service– Tunable by whip lenght adjust– Protection from static discharges DC-Ground– Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832– Side mast mo... Read more

Sirio Turbo 3000PL Blue Line Mobile CB Antenna

New Sirio turbo 3000 Blue Line tuneable stainless steel mobile CB antenna with PL fitting.Special Features:CB & 10m Mobile antennaTuneable from 27 to 28.5 MHzProtection from static discharge DC-Ground17/7 PH Stainless steel spring whip90 degre... Read more

Sirio GPA108-136 Antenna VHF Base, Omnidirectio...

GENERAL:- Base station antenna, Mono-band - Omnidirectional, Unity gain - Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832 - Tunable by whip length adjusting - Side mast mounting allowed by optional bracket FT-2 ELECTRICAL DATA:- Type: 1/4λ ground plane - Freq... Read more

Sirio SB-2S Marine Antenna with Stainless Steel...

A unity gain VHF omni directional stainless steel marine antenna designed to work without a ground plane. DC ground to protect against static discharges. Supplied with stainless steel bracket for easy mast top mounting. Read more

Sirio Hipower 4000PL Mobile CB Antenna

The Sirio Hipower 4000PL Mobile CB Antenna High performance 7/8 wave mobile antenna designed for high power transmissions; the coil is made of large section copper wire to work as an inductive transformer, the tapered whip is made of 17/7PH stainl... Read more

Sirio Megawatt 4000PL Mobile CB Antenna

Sirio Megawatt 4000PL Mobile CB Antenna, Alternative versions of the Hipower 4000, the Megawatt 4000 has exactly the same specifications, but includes a fine-tuning system with a protective rubber cover, which is easily removable. Read more


The SIRIO ML145MAG MAGNETIC ANT KIT PART NUMBER 2201805.63, A robust 5/8 wave mobile antenna with tapered 17/7PH steel whip assembled on a strong and flexible black chromed steel spring and coil with Sirio Mag 125 magnet mount. Read more

Sirio Boomerang 27A Small Space Antenna

The SIRIO BOOMERANG 27A BALCONY ANTENNA,This antenna has been especially designed for places where conventional roof mounted antennae are not practical, the Boomerang antenna can be mounted at a right angle with it‘s own bracket, making it possi... Read more

Sirio GL-27 No Ground Mirror Mount Antenna

New latest design ”no-ground” antenna particularly suitable for all vehicles with non-metallic body, the GL27 is a black fibreglass tapered whip mounted on a strong stainless steel spring for the best flexibility. This is in turn mounted on a ... Read more