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Sirio Antennas
Sirio SD2000U discone Antenna 100 - 2000MHz
Sirio SD2000U Antenna
Sirio Antennas
Sirio SD2000U discone Antenna 100 - 2000MHz
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Product code:Sirio SD2000U Antenna
Brand:Sirio Antennas

The Sirio SD2000U Antenna , Features, Functions and Specifications: Wide-band discone antenna working on 100 - 2000MHz in reception and on many amateur frequencies in transmission (2m, 1,25m, 70cm, 33cm, 23cm). It is made of stainless steel, chromed brass and anodized aluminium to guarantee the best efficiency and performance. Easy to fit, it can be suitable for the installation everywhere. The vertical whip can be removed whenever the 145MHz frequency is not required. Two versions are available: SD 2000U with UHF-female connection, and SD2000N with N female connection

Electrical Data:

Type: Discone

Frequency Range

(RX band): 100 - 2000MHz

(TX band)at VSWR< 2:1 : 130...160; 215...440; 610...685; 870...960; 1070...1500; 1620...1800; 1860...2000MHz

Impedance: 50 ohms Unbalanced

Radiation(H-plane): 360 Omnidirectional

Polarization: Vertical

Gain: 0dBD - 2.2dBi

Max Power: 200Watts

Feed System/Position: Direct/Center

Connection: SD2000N=N-Female, SD2000U=UHF-Female

Mechanical Data:

Materials: Aluminium Chromed Brass, Stainless steel, Nylon

Wind Load/Resistance: 44N at 150km/h / 150km/h

Wind Surface: 0.04m2

Height(approx.): 900mm

Weight(approx.): 1020gr

Mounting Mast: Diameter 25 - 54mm