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Sirio Antennas
Sirio SY27-4 4 Element CB Base Antenna
Sirio SY4 4 Element CB Base Antenna
Sirio Antennas
Sirio SY27-4 4 Element CB Base Antenna
£119.95 (£99.96 exc. VAT)
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Product code:SIR-SY27-4
Brand:Sirio Antennas

The Sirio 4 element beam Antenna, if you want to hear the dx in the morning this is the right antenna, The 4 element YAGI beam similar to SY27-3 with similar specifications except it has a higher gain figure (7dB).

Type: 4 elements Yagi Radiation: Directional Polarization: Linear Horizontal Frequency range: 26.5 ... 30 MHz Tunable Systems: 10m-HAM Gain: 11 dBd, 13.15 dBi Bandwidth: ≥ 850KHz @ SWR ≤ 2 Max Power: 1000 Watts (CW) continuous 3000 Watts (CW) short time Grounding protection: All metal parts are DC-grounded, the inner conductor is coupled capacitively Connector: UHF-female (SO-239) Mechanical Data: Materials: Aluminium, Galvanized steel, Zamak Dimensions (approx): 5846 x 4030 x 100 mm / 19.18 x 13.22 x 0.33 ft Weight (approx): 6100 gr / 13.45 lb Mounting type: On-Mast