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Yaesu communication
Standard Horizon CP175C 6in GPS Colour Chart Plotter
Standard Horizon CP175C 6in GPS Colour Chart Plotter
Yaesu communication
Standard Horizon CP175C 6in GPS Colour Chart Plotter
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Product code:CP-175C
Brand:Yaesu communication

Standard Horizon CP175C 6in GPS Colour Chart Plotter, With a 200MHz processor for incredibly fast chart redraws, the CP175C features a 6in transflective sunlight-viewable display and an inbuilt 2NM base map that shows depth contours and major navigation buoys. Compatible with the latest award-winning C-Map MAX as well as C-Map NT+ charts

A 12-channel WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS receiver is the heart of the CP175C, delivering pinpoint repeatable accuracy to within 3M of a vessel's actual position.

The CP175C can be connected to any Standard Horizon DSC VHF radio to plot DSC Distress Call positions onto the chart as well as provide the boat's position. It also enables you to securely and totally privately poll and display another vessel's position on the CP175C. The DSC Call directory logs the position of the polled vessels and also the position of a vessel that has transmitted a DSC Distress call. Standard Horizon pioneered this function, leading the industry with innovative features and function.

The optional FF520 Fish Finder brings high-end fish finding capability to the CP175C making it the ideal choice for casual or professional anglers alike. The added safety feature of AIS integration means the CP175C can offer vessel position overlay directly onto the chart and you can display vessel information such as course, speed, destination, number of passengers etc (external AIS input required).

LCD Display: Sunlight Viewable 6in Colour TFT Cartography: Dual C-MAP MAX/NT+ Operational Temp: 32?F to 131?F / 0?C to 55?C Voltage: 10 - 35VDC

Navigation Features User points: 1000 Waypoints/Marks User point icons: 16 User point label: 10 Character Name Track/Log points: 3000/5 Routes/points: 20/50

GPS Performance Receiver: WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Satellite Differential Accuracy: 3M with on, 15M with EGNOS off

Acquisition time Re-aquisition: Less than 1 Second Warm: Less than 8 Seconds typical Cold: Less than 45 Seconds

NMEA In/Out Input/Output: 2/3 Supported Sentences: APA, APB, BOD, DPT, DSC, GLL, HDG, HSC, MTW, MWV, RMA, RMB, TLL, VHW, VTG, WCV, XTE Waypoint and Route PC Up/Down load: Yes, NMEA WPT, RTE