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SWR and power meters.

SWR and power meters.

SWR and power meters.

Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) meters are essential tools for measuring the efficiency of radio frequency transmission lines. By measuring the SWR, operators can ensure that their antennas are correctly tuned, minimizing signal loss and potential damage to equipment. SWR meters provide valuable feedback on the impedance match between the transmitter, feedline, and antenna, allowing adjustments to be made for optimal performance.Power meters measure transmitters' power output, helping operators ensure that they are operating within safe power levels and legal limits. These meters provide accurate readings of the RF power being transmitted, allowing adjustments to be made as needed. Power meters are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the transmission system and preventing damage.
Mfj-854 rf current meter

Mfj-854 rf current meter

The MFJ-854 RF Current Meter Accurately measures true RF currents in antenna elements, radials, ground wires, and on outside of coax feedlines. The se...

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