Talon UDC - UHF Data radio/controller with GPS AND I/O
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Talon UDC - UHF Data radio/controller with GPS AND I/O

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Talon UDC - UHF Data radio/controller with GPS AND I/O

The Kantronics Talon UDC (Universal Data Controller) Data Radios combine the functionality of a radio modem/TNC with a built-in UHF or VHF radio transceiver. With the optional I/O board, the Talon UDC also provides more analog and digital I/O lines than Kantronics radio modems. This makes the Talon UDC an excellent choice for remote sensing and control applications that require simplicity, compactness, and reliability. In addition, the Talon UDC provides a cost-effective solution for companies seeking to minimize asset management expenses.

The Talon UDC is available with an optional built-in GPS receiver, which converts the Talon into a stand-alone location transmitter. This makes the Talon with GPS a great choice if you need to both track the location of your assets and monitor/control their operation, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) applications in general.

 Other Talon UDC applications include:

•Traffic control
•Fleet management
•Industrial process control
•Water management
•Utility monitoring
•Public safety
•Text messaging
•Emergency management
No matter what level of data control you need - now and in the future - Kantronics can help you make your business more profitable with superior control of valuable spectrum. Kantronics Talon UDC exceptional design allows for reliable point to point, or point to multi-point communications under less than perfect conditions and excellent performance under adverse signal paths

Talon Features:

•MAP™ (module assembly production) technology allows you to purchase only the hardware features (GPS, analog/digital I/O) needed for your application
•LMR (land mobile radio) frequencies
•Embedded GPS module 
•Data throughput of 9600 bps
•Field configurable as master or remote
•Real time SCADA and telemetry
•Transparent operation
•Forward error correction
•State of the art transceiver
•Max transmit power of 6 W
•Data integrity through internal software
•Supports general packet radio operations
•Peer to peer communications
•Single radio can be used as a digipeater
•Remote programming capability from base unit
•ESP™ (efficient spectrum positioning) Tracking SoftwareTalon Specifications

Modem Specifications:
Operating modes and protocols Transparent, TUP, Connected/Unconnected, Packet (AX.25L2), KISS, HOST, POLL
Interface EIA/TIA 232 RS-232 compatible interface
Over the air data rate 9600 bps (4800 baud) scramble and FEC user selectable
Modulation QLFSK 
Port speed 19.2 k
Operating voltage 8 - 15 V dc @ 3 A max
Current drain Transmit: 2.5 A @ 13.8 V dc
Receive: 100 mA @ 13.8 V dc
Certifications FCC and IC type accepted
GPS Specifications  (for optional GPS receiver)
General L1 (1575.42 MHz) frequency, C/A code 8 channel, continuous tracking receiver, 32 correlators
Accuracy Horizontal: <6 m (50%), <9 m (90%)
Altitude: <11 m (50%), <18 m (90%)
Velocity: 0.06 m/s
PPS: ± 95 ns
Acquisition Time Reacquisition: <2 s (90%)
Hot start: <14 s (50%), <18 s (90%)
Warm start: <38 s (50%), <45 s (90%)
Cold start: <90 s (50%), <170 s (90%)
Cold start requires no initialization. Warm start implies last position, time and almanac are saved by backup power. Hot start implies ephemeris also saved.
Dynamics Acceleration: 4 g (39.2 m/s2)
Motional jerk: 20 m/s3
Operational limits Altitude: <18000 m or velocity <515 m/s
I/O Board Specifications  (for optional Telemetry I/O board)
Analog inputs Eight buffered (hi impedance) inputs, 0 V to +5 V.
Jumper selectable 249 Ohm, 1% resistor allows use with
2-wire or 3-wire 0 to 20 mA dc input.
Buffer/protection op amps limit voltage to the
10 bit A/D converter to 4.950 V.

Discrete inputs Four CMOS logic level inputs. Inputs are pulled hi in the absences of input signal, and may be activated by a low impedance path to ground (such as a switch, relay contact, open collect BJT, open drain FET, or optocoupler output).
Analog outputs Four outputs, 0 to 4.995 V dc into 10k minimum load<
Discrete outputs Four open-drain FET outputs, will switch up to 50 V dc and up to 115 mA.
Diagnostic Port RS-232. May be used only if GPS option is not also installed.

Radio Specifications:

General Integral transceiver
Transmitter Meets FCC part 90 requirements
Transmitter output power Progammable up to 6 W
Duty Cycle 50% (30 s TX max) @ 6 W
Receiver sensitivity 1 x 10-6 BER @ -105 dBm
Frequency range Talon UDC VHF: 136 - 162, 148 - 174 MHz
Talon UDC UHF: 400 - 420, 450 - 470 MHz
Frequency stability 1.55 PPM
Carrier power <1 W to 6 W
Carrier power accuracy +0 / -0.7 dBm
RF output Imp. 50 ohms
Frequency steps 12.5 kHz
RX adjacent Chl. (EIA) -60 dB @ 12.5 kHZ
Radio status indication PWR. TX, RX, 3 programmable
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
Humidity Up to 95% RH non-condensing
Mechanical Specifications & Connectors
Enclosure Formed aluminum 
Dimensions (H×W×D) 2.4"×6.5"×4.95" (61 mm × 165 mm × 126 mm) 
Weight (mass) 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)
GPS Antenna Connection MCX (female)
Radio Antenna Connection N (female)
Data Connection DB-9 (female)
Power Connection Combicon 2-terminal connector
(mating connector supplied)

Data available Interior temperature, Supply Voltage, RSSI
Data source I/O port, Over the air
Warranty The Talon UDC is protected by a two-year limited warranty to the original owner